Zackeri Zorn

Started by RainbowAdvenger, 05-01-2013

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Name: Zackeri Zorn
Nicknames: Zack
Race: Human?
Height 6'
Weight 125
Hair Colour: Rose Red
Age: 19?
Accent: Uneducated, Caveman-like
Favored weapon: Staff of regrowth (maybe vilethorn later)
Secondary Weapon: Blade of Grass/Thorn Chakram
((1-5, 5 is amazing, 1 is shit.))
Strength: :tick: :tick: :tick: :tick:
He is strong with a sword, yet gentle with a flower.
:tick: :tick: :tick:
He can climb a tree like no other yet cannot outrun a rabbit.
Healing Abilities:
:tick: :tick:
He has taught himself to treat small wounds but he is not a healer
He was raised by rabbits and a forest spirit, so what can you expect.
:tick: :tick: :tick: :tick: :tick:
Zackeri is quite adept with noticing his surroundings; it is how he survives
:tick: :tick:
He is very enthusiastic about the tasks he is given and can be a joy to have around as well as a nuisance, but mostly stays out of the way of others
:tick: :tick: :tick: :tick:
Zack has reflexes honed by years of survival by himself in the forests.
:tick: :tick: :tick:
He has enough willpower to overcome most obstacles in his path, but overall is easily manipulated.
Strengths and Weaknesses
Strength: Zackeri Zorn is a child of the forest, and being so is one with nature and knows how to survive in the wilds. He also has no need for the company of others and enjoys being by himself for long periods of time. Zackeri was raised by the forest and its inhabitants and takes good care of the forests and in return the forests have gifted him the ability to make and use magical items from the forests such as the Blade of Grass.
Weakness: Zackeri has lived on his own for a very long time and cannot stand being in crowds, which makes teamwork a difficult concept for him. Being raised by the forest spirit, Zackeri is very uneducated and has trouble with English. The only things he knows are the things he has taught himself.



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How can you be raised by rabbits
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Posts like this make me wish we Didn't destroy Mamou Kyosuke's Time machine.

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Now I'm really sad I worked hard on that post  :'( . What is wrong with it?


QuoteAge: 19?

QuoteHair Colour: Rose Red

QuoteSecondary Weapon: Blade of Grass/Thorn Chakram

QuoteZackeri was raised by the forest and its inhabitants

QuoteBeing raised by the forest rabbits

Quoteno need for the company of others


Ok so I fixed the forest the forest rabbits thing, and the question mark by the age means his age isn't  certain, but I don't what is wrong with his hair color, weapon choices, or his like of being in solitude.


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