Siege of the Iron Khan

Started by bastidon, 01-08-2015

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"Seafaring souls fear the sight of a brilliant blue light
The steer their ships away, sail all night and day
And they don't stop till dawn
That blue light tells us all
Here comes the Khan"

"It seems that the grubby little man shouting all hell about our oncoming doom wasn't so damn wrong after all. My boy and I, we got a ship, yeah? He comes back home one night talkin' all sorts of hell about blue lights and bloody waters. It sounded like the dumbest thing I ever heard spill out of that kid's mouth, but I get to lookin' up at the sky yeah? We're you boys out? Well...there was a god damn sea of 'em! Blue flares! Sky looked like a damn tarp. Don't rightly know what it means, but you folks know the tales. Piss off Gary! Even as a ghost story it's scares me. Good men lost their lives to shite like this. Look, I know it's a bit crazy, but hell boys...I think he's comin', I think it's the Khan."

(End shitty IC explanation, begin OOC details)
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