Sicariis Guild (INACTIVE)

Started by Acaelius, 19-10-2012

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General Information (More upon request)
For those surviving the shipwreck as well as those who came to the island afterward Sicariis is a sanctuary for the learned folk and those practitioners of the arcane arts. To join the Scholar part of the group all you need currently is the will to show up and join as well as some aptitude in magic. There is a second reason for Sicariis that is a tad bit darker as we also provide trained Mages as mercenaries and our very best as Assassins.
The Rules are simple
Don't start a fight thinking the guild will back you no matter what.
Keep a Arcane silver watch on you at all times (Will be provided).
If you are paid as a Merc or a Assassin do not let the target buy you out.
And most importantly their is no real leadership all members are free to say what they want and do what they want.

No need to pay money to the Guild contracts and the Guildmaster provide needed funds. Although I do request that items taken from to storage chest are returned after use or if unneeded and that member add to these chest at their own discretion although don't fill it with unrelated junk.

Housing and Uniforms
The Guilds main location is a bit home like and members are permitted to take up residence (Although if I find you in my bed you best be prepared to snuggle) but it is a tad bit dangerous so a bridge has been made connecting to the camp for safety reasons. As for the Uniform aside from the watch feel free to wear whatever you'd like.

Member Information
Guildmaster-Acaelius: A Homunculus with pale features well versed in all fields of magic both Arcane and Spiritual generally found around town, at the Guild, or in Hell hunting.
[size=78%](Those joined and confirmed to have joined in game please reply to this post with your status in the guild and some quick background [/size]information as to race and magical knowledge)
[size=78%]  [/size]


To those reading that sorry about the [size%whatever nonsense] my laptop hates me and does that from time to time on forums like this. But to the point yeah I posted this because the Guild has been getting members as of late and I realized that I forgot to post a faction topic.



I joined today.

Member-Dusty: A young man with a magical background, though his alchemy skills are...subpar. He doesn't know much about Magic, or hand-to hand combat, but he's naturally more skilled in the former. Anything Fire-related is his strong suit, but he lacks patience and training in any area. He's a natural-born mute, but an accident gifted him with speech, if only for a short while. He's usually searching for Fallen Stars, for reasons unknown, and believes something he's looking for is across the Jungle.

Will Xisingr

Edit: Edited out due to some changes of my character, will edit it back in when I figure out the new one's full story.
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This is an important announcement. I've been informed by Acaelius that I know own the guild. I, however, was planning on leaving the guild. Therefore, I'll be handing over the co-ownership of the guild to worthy candidates. I won't be in the picture much, but I'll still be part of the guild. All of Acaelius' items in the guild chests are still owned by the guild, and I expect them not to be touched unless they are put back. The rules remain the same, except for one;

I assume leadership of Sicariis.
(Unless, you know, Aca wants it back. He's probably just over-reacting.)


Good guess Max, how was I supposed to know that mods/admins could be nice? But yeah I won't be going anywhere so yeah I am still the leader

Will Xisingr

I'm not sure if the newer version of my character will be in Sicariis, but i don't know yet.
If you need help, I am there for you.


Quote from: Acaelius on 02-11-2012
Good guess Max, how was I supposed to know that mods/admins could be nice? But yeah I won't be going anywhere so yeah I am still the leader

Yes, you are. I'm also out of the guild for different reasons than him taking leadership back.

Mods/Admins are MEANT to be nice. It's more than half their job.