Seraphin Lazare

Started by Thracius, 08-01-2013

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Name: Seraphin Lazare
Aliases: French, Stranger, Beggar, Shamed one
Weight: 178
Hair color: Gray
Race: Human
Age: 29
Job: Thief, Murderer, Sword for Hire
Weapon Preferences: Short sword, Throwing Daggers, Crossbow

{Values in between 1-10. 1 being Terrible, 10 being Perfect}


Slight of Hand: Seraphin has always been good with his hands, whether it's picking a pocket, or slitting a throat his actions are swift, and often go unnoticed.

Hard to Spot: Having grown up in the city, he has often spent time blending in, and learning to hide in plain sight, at first glance he would be pegged for average citizen, this has granted him the ability to commit crimes in mid daylight and then seemingly vanishing.

Lucky: Seraphin has wiggled his way out of some sticky situations including near death experiences, he's also stumbled upon great treasures, and won many a hand at cards. He was truly born under the sign of luck.


A Begger: Seraphin is a man without shame, and when there are no crimes to commit, or contracts to take he will often spend his time in the streets begging for coin. This has won him no favors amongst the people of Caphori, and he is often looked down upon for it.

Dishonored: While he may not be a man of status Seraphin has recieved the mark of shame, from who is unknown, but it is no secret amongst thieves that he is to be shunned.

Uneducated: Seraphin is an idiot, he does not understand the concepts of reading, he barley knows how to count, and is a long way from learning how to spell his name.

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