Safe Box Glitch

Started by N3gativezero, 13-02-2011

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Early on yesterday I went onto the server to find that my safe box with all the Freedoms supplies in it was completely empty. I don't know if you're allowed to give refunds for the safeboxes fucking up but it would be greatly apreciated, as alot of things were lost.

3 SIG550s
1 LR300
1 L85

1 Sunrise Suit
1 Wind Of Freedom 2b
3 Camo Vests

6 Medkits
2 Army medkits
12 Bandages

3 Boxed Backpacks
4 Hand-held radios
1 Tool Box Class A-5E
To loot, lulz and SCIENCE!


I can only parrot two things: No refund rule, and even then no screenshots to back it up. That's not a hit to you NZ, it's what everyone is told.


Never trusted the safeboxes and never will.


Safebox has made me lose items before. I think I caused on myself when I accidentally remove a safebox via toolgun like 3 months ago.


Well, that sucks. Thats almost 50k worth of our factions gear poofed into oblivion.
To loot, lulz and SCIENCE!


Ill ask Exile about this since, this is a prominent issue and we can't let an already weak faction get fucked cause the script pooped.
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