List of not allowed items

Started by matter, 09-06-2013

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A list of all the items not allowed on the server and are a ban-able offense for having (due to the fact it's impossible to get them (or other reasons)).

All hardmode items (In alphabetical order)
Adamantite Bar
Adamantite Breastplate
Adamantite Chainsaw
Adamantite Drill
Adamantite Forge
Adamantite Glaive
Adamantite Headgear
Adamantite Helmet
Adamantite Leggings
Adamantite Mask
Adamantite Ore
Adamantite Repeater
Adamantite Sword
Angel Wings
Blue Light
Blue Phasesaber
Breaker Blade
Clockwork Assault Rifle
Clown Hat
Clown Pants
Clown Shirt
Cobalt Bar
Cobalt Breastplate
Cobalt Brick
Cobalt Brick Wall
Cobalt Chainsaw
Cobalt Drill
Cobalt Hat
Cobalt Helmet
Cobalt Leggings
Cobalt Mask
Cobalt Naginata
Cobalt Ore
Cobalt Repeater
Cobalt Sword
Cross Necklace
Crystal Ball
Crystal Bullet
Crystal Shard
Crystal Storm
Cursed Arrow
Cursed Bullet
Cursed Flame
Cursed Flames
Cursed Torch
Dao of Pow
Dark Shard
Demon Wings
Disco Ball
Dual Hook
Ebonsand Block
Fairy Bell
Greater Mana Potion
Green Light
Green Phasesaber
Hallowed Greaves
Hallowed Headgear
Hallowed Helmet
Hallowed Mask
Hallowed Plate Mail
Hallowed Repeater
Hallowed Seeds
Holy Arrow
Holy Water
Ice Rod
Laser Rifle
Light Disc
Light Shard
Magic Dagger
Magical Harp
Mechanical Eye
Mechanical Skull
Mechanical Worm
Moon Charm
Music Box
Mythril Anvil
Mythril Bar
Mythril Brick
Mythril Brick Wall
Mythril Chainmail
Mythril Chainsaw
Mythril Drill
Mythril Greaves
Mythril Halberd
Mythril Hat
Mythril Helmet
Mythril Hood
Mythril Ore
Mythril Repeater
Mythril Sword
Neptune's Shell
Pearlsand Block
Pearlstone Block
Pearlstone Brick
Pearlstone Brick Wall
Philosopher's Stone
Pixie Dust
Purple Phasesaber
Rainbow Rod
Ranger Emblem
Red Light
Red Phasesaber
Santa Hat
Santa Pants
Santa Shirt
Snow Globe
Sorcerer Emblem
Soul of Flight
Soul of Fright
Soul of Light
Soul of Might
Soul of Night
Soul of Sight
Spell Tome
Star Cloak
Suspicious Looking Skull
Unholy Water
Unicorn Horn
Warrior Emblem
White Phasesaber
Yellow Phasesaber

Miscellaneous ban-able items (although it may not be impossible to get these it is not allowed to be using them and will be confiscated by mods)
Night's Edge
Demon Scythe

Not obeying the rules is not an option, if you're caught with one of these items without express permission from a mod they will be taken and you could be banned until further notice.

"I forgot who gave me this" or "I got permission but I can't remember who from" are not viable excuses, you shouldn't be accepting an item from another character that is banned and not immediately PMing a moderator and if you have permission you better hope that you have some way to prove it if asked.

Hope this clears up once and for all the issues that have been had with what's allowed and what's not. (Rule of thumb: If you have to hack it in, it's not allowed)
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