I'm still here.

Started by Syl, 16-01-2012

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Hello, everyone, I am Eirkash. Technically. So I would like to explain to you all why I have not been on the server, while for a couple months before this incident I was getting on 2-3 times a day, for multiple hours a day. My computer crashed, burned, and basically went to poop. But, as of (sometime) around January 23rd, I will be getting a new computer, so... yeah. Thats basically all I have to say, other then I'm sorry I haven't been on lately, but I have almost no way of getting onto the server. Kinda just imagine that Eirkash is there, with all his sarcasm and sneakiness. Yeah. Bye.

(edit) Actually, act like Eirkash suddenly left. He got a letter from the leader of the old corps, and he rushed to help. Yeah, that works, good day. He'll be expecting a full report of events when he gets back, partner.



It'll be good to have you back Eirkash! :3

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JRP > What are you?
Rag > Your freind
JRP > For real?
Rag > This is so serious you don't understand.


Thank god you didn't leave.