Garagan Fluerlash

Started by Redbark, 22-06-2012

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Name: Garagan Fluerlash
Nicknames: Gar, Fluer.
Race: Goblin
Height 4'6"
Weight 116
Hair Colour: Greenish-Blue
Age: 22
Accent: Southern, American
Favored weapon: Unknown.
Secondary Weapon: Unknown
((1-5, 5 is amazing, 1 is shit.))
Strength matters whether he can open a jar of pickles, or whether he cannot lift a pebble.
Dexterity means whether he is a rabbit running from a fox, or a slug sliding uphill.
Constitution means whether he is a walking hospital, or a soldier with hundreds of arrows stuck in him.
Intelligence is whether he can solve many math problems at once, or whether he spends hours solving 1+1.
Perception depends if he can fire a broken musket and kill a man 400 miles away without even aiming, or whether he can shoot himself when he aims the other way
Depends if he can lure a women in his bedroom, or if he can get in prison for sexual assault.
Depends if he can catch a ball at light speed, or he can't see slime sneaking up on him.
Depends if he can stop staring at a succubus, or if he cannot stop smoking for a minute.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Strength: Garagan is one with nature, which means he knows ways on how to survive in the wild, he learned this when when his father left him to live in a forest, he knows the weaknesses to most land creatures, and knows a few weaknesses to the underground creatures.

Weakness: Garagan is deathly afraid of spiders and wolves. But more afraid of demons, he will not fight them no matter what. Either to save Caphori, or not, nothing will convince him to face his weakness and kill a demon.


Couldn't resist? Redbark, THIS is a character. <3


I think out of all the characters pages I've seen so far this is the perfect example for what people should be making.

One thing though a lot of these stat things are used in many different ways across DnD and other such things. For instance Constitution in DnD is for how much health and stamina a character has, so does this mean your character only has 100 life? Since I don't think your using it in that manner, because it goes up to 5 instead of 4, I'd like to know what you mean by Constitution.
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Oh look nicknames... hmm... I don't see Gobbles anywhere. Now isn't that strange?


BUMP, added in a pic and is that spoiler really supposed to be there? It strains my eyes reading


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