Faction Rules

Started by Steven :D, 27-07-2011

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Faction Rules
As a faction, the faction leader is the only one able to aquire land for a faction.

Faction leaders may aquire additional plots of land for their 'faction' only if authorized by a Terraria Admin / Operator, you may aquire your first faction territory by making a guild-house on that plot of land.

Only Faction Leaders are able to declare war

To start a faction, it takes three people (including yourself) to start one. From there on, you may capture a plot of land for your guildhouse / faction headquarters. To gain any more plots of land, you must ask an operator first if you are allowed to.

To become an official faction, you require ten (10) faction members in total, including yourself.
Being an official faction will have your faction page stickied and possibly used in the Caphori lore. That is all.

These are subject to change, it is your duty as a faction leader to check them.



Effective immediately: After at least a one month period of inactivity by the faction leader, faction threads will be labeled 'INACTIVE' until such a time that the faction leader resuscitates their group.  This is so that new members do not get confused and try to join factions that are dead or whose leaders are currently on hiatus.

A faction can be taken out of inactive status at any time, but only by the faction leader.

If given permission by the current faction leader, it IS possible to take over an already established faction.  However, this is something that must be agreed upon OOC and established IC.

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