Things Ellis would Say

Started by deluxulous, 29-12-2009

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Shit Ellis from L4D2 would say.

"You wouldn't believe this one time me and my buddy Keith was at the mall. He was gunna take a shit in one of the shoeboxes at the shoe store, and then try an' check it out, but it smelled so bad that everyone that walked by would look at us funny an' shit. Then a cop told him to hand it over, and he had to buy the shoes that were inside. Aww man, it was funny, he didn't go back to the mall for a month!"


Grabbin heroin, i mean ardrenaline.
Let me just get my desert eagle.
That must be the feller who masterbates all day!
Do i look like a queer to you?


Which one is Ellis? The girl?
"Yes, we will be changed and we will march with him, then all the world will have his colour and his light and his madness."

Ace: Howdy-do, Killslim.
Paintcheck: Uh...
Paintcheck: Wrong window