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Started by Poler, 12-01-2012

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For every man or woman, life passes and goes on... but some seek opportunities that seek furtune and/or respect. This is what 'The Ruthless' is about, and it was created by a man that seeked these opportunites. His name is Brady Campbell, an ex. wastelander that discovered he recieved a severe flaw known as, "lung cancer". Knowing this he broke away from his old life and seeked adventure, fortune, and greed. He had created an infamous group known as, 'The Ruthless'. The Ruthless grew strong as time passed, but Brady's days were coming to an end. His vision was being cursed by his cancer, and he knew of no way to stop it... but his story doesn't end there. A friendly doctor found him, and saved him. Having a transplant of new organs, the cancer was erased from his body. It is time for Brady to regain his respect and pride throughout the wastes, and it is time to strike back...

Who are The Ruthless?
The Ruthless is an organized criminal group created by, Brady Campbell, a lonesome character who awaits death.

Why join The Ruthless?
Have you ever wondered why life just passes you along... you have to work for it. The Ruthless is a group which will protect you under any circumstances if you are in need of aid (It's followers anyways]. You will undertake tasks that Brady Campbell will assign to you for wealth, pride, and glory throughout the wastes.

Who can join, and how can I?
Anyone can join... if your a risktaker. This life choice isn't for everyone. Only for the whom that will take risks to earn respect and fear from the wastelanders. You can join by finding Brady Campbell through you travels (Or pm me on the fourms).

Is this a raider group?
Of course not. The Ruthless does have a staggering name, but we do not rape and murder for no good reason. There will be times when we take on such as raiders do, but are we really just like them? No.


Brady Campbell (Poler)






Yuri 'Ipati' Petrov (Sarge)
'Axle' (Halokiller38)


'Predator' KIA


Wastelanders - Neutral/Hostile

Brotherhood of Steel - Neutral

Outcast - Neutral

Enclave - Hostile

Hillcrest Union - Neutral

Harper's People - Neutral

Arlington - Neutral

Raider Factions - Neutral/Hostile



Just trying something new for FORP, thank you.


The Ruthless camp

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Looks nice, i'd like to see OOC names added to the roster next to the IC names though if you dont mind. And also: You're welcome <3

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Quote from: Longlostblake on 16-01-2012
Looks nice, i'd like to see OOC names added to the roster next to the IC names though if you dont mind. And also: You're welcome <3
Thank you so much Blake!