Format for character sheets *PLEASE READ*

Started by streex, 20-12-2008

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This is the format you must use when you post in the characters section,please be serious when you post

Age: Your age can be any number between 1 and the race's maximum age.
Gender: Should be Male or Female.

Birthplace: This is where your character was born. It could range from a vault to a small encampment in the wastes

Biography: Write some interesting information about your character here. You can have as much as you want here. In the biography, you should state a few key items: Their childhood, how they are here now. Tell everything you could possibly imagine about your character! Details are fun too. Be creative!

Disposition: Your character's disposition. Good, Neutral, or Evil.

Favored Enemy: (OPTIONAL) What does your character favor killing? If anything.

Favored Weapon: (OPTIONAL) What weapon does your character favor using the most?

Current Task: (OPTIONAL) What is your character's current calling in life? Their task? There can be more than one.

This is where you post what your character looks like. No pornographic or offensive material is allowed.