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These are the new apps. If I catch anyone on the server with a special or non-new england character, and you have not been accepted by the mods in charge of the character issues thread, you will be dealt with.
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OOC Name: |HGN| Silver
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:25901386
Which you are applying for: Special char
Why do you want this Char?: Big storyline already in progress with Jake and Spades.
By applying you accept the responsibilities of having the char, and know that by having this char it may be removed if found that you are abusing.: I know that.
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[IC info]
Character Name: Caso Kilmarnock
Age: 34
Sex: Male
   A little over three decades ago, the New England Commonwealth could have been considered an oasis in a land decimated by war. Strong radiation surrounding New England kept it virtually isolated from the outside world with the exception of a few seldom-known passages through the nuclear fire. Caso was born just over the border in eastern New York to a single mother named Shae. At the age of four his mother took Caso and migrated to Massachusetts. At the time, Caso was just a normal child.

   Along the route however, tragedy struck. Western Massachusetts was still very much a wild wasteland filled with monsters and outlaws. One particular evening, a Yao Guai attacked them in the night as they slept. Caso was woken by the screams of his mother being mauled to death. Caso fled in terror. No trace of his mother was ever found.

   As a result, Caso grew up an orphan, who at the mere age of four, had to find his own way to salvation. Unfortunately, it was because of this isolation, that he became one of many early targets of The Institute. The Institute was, for lack of a better description, a collection of mad scientists based out of the former Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These scientists in later years gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what was ethical in the pursuit of creating a utopia from the ashes of the American wasteland. Caso was captured by the Institute and soon became the victim of more than a number of cruel and bizarre experiments. Such experiments resulted in the mutated form he possesses today; a deathclaw 'hybrid' of sorts, which was part of an effort to create a biological supersoldier.

   The project had a long list of failed experiments utilizing various different species ranging from biological to purely synthetic. The Institute created humanoid genetic hybrids and highly advanced cyborgs alike. Each and every one of the poor souls forced to endure these trials turned either into hideous monsters, went completely feral and insane, or most often both. The few fortunate enough to escape usually didn't survive long.

   Caso spent little under a decade in this hellhole. By this point in history Caso was a young teenager who had all too painfully become used to life within the Institute. He had even befriended some of the other prisoners and some of the guards, including an android known as A3-21. Caso spent many nights talking to A3-12 about their time in the Institute. A3-21 was part of the "Synth Retention Bureau" which was responsible for recapturing escaped androids and other experiments that had escaped from the Institute. Caso made numerous failed escape attempts in his time at the Institute, but he never made it past A3-21. After a while it even became a game to Caso seeing how long he could evade the guards before A3-21 could find him. Still, for an android, Caso found this machine to be more human than he ever could have expected, and despite the hassle of Caso's escape efforts, A3-21 became the only true friend Caso had within the Institute.

   One night as the Institute was rounding up the last few victims for the evening, a small resistance group utilizing guerrilla tactics assaulted the entrance of the Institute. Tracers and laser fire lit up the Boston night sky as the attack forced A3-21 and his android companions out into the fight. However, this time, A3-21 slipped away from the main fight and went to Caso's holding cell.

   Caso woke up to find the gates open and a holotape left behind on the guards' desk. Caso briefly listened to the holotape and discovered that A3-21 had abandoned his cause and escaped. He left behind a 10mm pistol for Caso in an effort to aid his escape.

   In the chaos of the fight, Caso managed to slip out of the Institute via the sewer levels with the help of some other escaping androids and experiments. They were all using the attack from the resistance group in order to cover their escape. A3-21 led the effort until they were safely out of Boston and in the hands of a runaway slave refuge group known as the Railroad.

   It was the last time Caso saw A3-21 or any of the others he escaped the Institute with. A3-21 departed for Rivet City in the D.C. Area, while the others went scattered across the American wasteland. Caso briefly tried to follow A3-21, but quickly lost his trail. Unknown to Caso, A3-21 had undergone a massive transformation—even erasing his own memory—in order to preserve his freedom. Caso instead found himself in the D.C. Wasteland for several years. It is here that he began to first utilize the few unique traits he had gained as a so-called Deathclaw hybrid. He spent around four years wandering in D.C.

   The word 'hybrid' may be inappropriate for Caso's situation, as contrary to popular description, he is not a half-deathclaw, half-human. He is a human who has been genetically enhanced with beneficial mutant traits. For instance, Caso's strength is above average for a human of his size—and his agility is detestably superhuman. He is capable of jumping higher and further than any human due to his strong legs and prehensile tail which aids to maintain his balance. Instead of the omnivore jaws and digestive system of a human, Caso was purely carnivorous—utilizing sharp teeth, compound jaws, and powerful stomach acids all designed to decimate meat and bone. However, the main drawback of Caso's mutations is the feral side of him. If he is forced to go without food for an extended period of time, Caso begins to revert to instinctive behavior—which often results in cannibalization of any human unfortunate enough to be too close.

   Due to his mutations, Caso consequently had difficulty making any friends. Real deathclaws weren't sure what to make of Caso, and humans were usually quick to try shooting him to make friends with. Super mutants were about the only ones who'd speak to him merely due to their similar diets of meat—but needless to say, most super mutants are too stupid and unpredictable to befriend. However, while out hunting one day in the wasteland, Caso came across another New England escapee; Jeremy Neil—or 'Spades' as he called himself, who carried an old Browning Assault Rifle and .44 Desert Eagle. Of course this encounter started like any usually did with humans. Spades tried shooting Caso, Caso evaded him, and soon had him pinned on the ground ready to tear him into tasty giblets.

   This time however, Caso was surprised by a group of Talon Company mercenaries who had been tracking him for weeks now. One of them shot from a distance and hit Caso in the side—causing him to roll off of Spades, screaming in pain. It was the first time Caso had actually endured a bullet hit. Fear immediately overwhelmed him, that he would be killed by these mercenaries who were fast approaching.

   Spades turned to Caso, hearing an all-too-human cry for help in his voice. He could have easily just pulled his side arm and finished Caso off—then flee before the mercenaries arrive. Spades however, as Caso would later learn, is one of few people who maintains a sense of morals in the wasteland. Rather than abandoning Caso, Spades rolled behind a mound of dirt and propped his BAR up on its tripod. He shot at the approaching Talon mercenaries, catching them by surprise. None of the mercenaries expected gunfire from the wounded beast or its meal they just 'rescued'. Still, by catching them off guard, Spades defeated the small group of three Talon mercs.

   After giving Caso something to tend to his wounds, Spades went to scavenge the bodies. After taking what he could carry, Caso began to devour one of the dead mercenaries. Spades couldn't help but stare and watch on until Caso was finished—but then Caso approached Spades and flopped on the ground by his feet and curled up to nap. Spades at the time was a little weirded out by the whole ordeal, but he decided to go with it. He set up a camp right on the spot and even gave Caso a blanket to sleep under. It was the start of a long friendship.

   Caso and Spades roamed from then on for many more years and soon began their own little group. Among their new friends was Kira Alekhin—who at the time was just a petty bandit that Caso decided to drag home instead of eating right away. Then there was a woman named Rose, who was a chef of sorts, who managed to win over Caso and Spades with her amazing cooking and motherly personality. Finally there was Marcus, an orphaned slave child who escaped his captors and stumbled in onto their doorstep one day at an abandoned gas station they commandeered as their home. Caso spent several happy years with the lot of them until their migration away from the D.C. Wasteland. Their destination was the west coast—but they never made it that far.

   Sadly, while only two months into their long journey, their camp was attacked one night by a pack of yao guai in a scenario all too similar to what happened to his mother. Caso was awoken by screaming and guns shooting. Caso's own tent was attacked by the largest of the pack and dragged several miles away from camp before fighting free. Unfortunately by then he was already scattered from his group. He thought he'd never see them again.

   Caso abandoned the trip and returned to D.C. However, the Institute was waiting for him with a group of sentries and mercenaries sent to capture him. Caso was once more imprisoned and sent back to the Institute's core in Boston, MA for another terrible seven years...

   When Caso finally got out, much had changed. Spades and Kira had returned from the south west. Spades was now a Paladin in the Brotherhood of Steel, and Kira was a powerful arms dealer. In addition, Caso had stumbled out into the center of a three way conflict between the Brotherhood, the Institute, and the Enclave.

   With valuable inside information on the technological goldmine that is the Institute, Caso has become a high priority target for all three sides. The Brotherhood aims to guard him until they may use his information to infiltrate the Institute. The Enclave seek to do the same—or at least destroy him before anyone else can use that info. The Institute lost decades of important research on Caso—thus they want him back, but they also want his secrets withheld.

   With so much chaos and danger around Caso, Paladin Spades sought to use his power within the Brotherhood to escape Boston before Caso could be recaptured or killed. Now they reside far beyond the outskirts of Boston while the Brotherhood desperately tries to call in reinforcements from D.C. and out west. Meanwhile, the Enclave is already inside the Institute—acting as an 'ally' until the Enclave's interests no longer favor the Institute. At the same time, the Institute is attempting to expand its influence across the Commonwealth.

   A new war is about to begin, and poor Caso finds himself right in the middle of it...

Why should it be in the New England Wasteland?: There's already a complex storyline in progress with Caso. We want to make it official to be fair.
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OOC Name: Spades Neil
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:30501208
Which you are applying for (IE. Non New-England Wasteland Or Special char): Non New England
Why do you want this Char?:
By applying you accept the responsibilities of having the char, and know that by having this char it may be removed if found that you are abusing.: Well yea. I know that.
Proof of Admin support (Must be an SA or higher and must be a screenshot that is legible):

[IC info]
Character Name: Yoseph Voyla
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Backstory (Must be at least 2 paragraphs): Yoseph Voyla was born in north eastern Russia to a village that lived virtually the same as it had for almost a thousand years. Even after the bombs fell, this isolated little town continued on with their lives aside from a few radiation-related hazards. None the less, life carried on well in the village where Voyla was born and raised. Still, even from a very young age, Voyla was an adventurous child--and he couldn't stand the torment of being trapped in this puny village in the ass end of scenic no-where.

It was at the age of 16 that Voyla would begin his life long journey across the wastelands of the world. He bid his farewells to his family and friends, and with a tear-jerking going away party, he at last left his home village to see the war-torn world. He traversed much of Europe and China. While in China, he began to learn pieces of the history behind the war that created the wasteland he lived in today. One such famous story was of the battle for Anchorage, Alaska. Intrigued, he traveled northeast until reaching the coast of the Bering Strait. He found a group of fishermen who were willing enough to ferry him over the narrow strip of water and into America. It would be here that Voyla spends much of his life exploring.

Voyla spent ten years in Alaska and Canada, which turned out to be most inhospitable during the winter months. Ever see a polar yao guai? Voyla has. Radioactive snow isn't too pleasant either for obvious reasons. On more than one occasion, Voyla was nearly killed in these lands until he found his way further south--eventually escaping the Canadian wasteland and entering the United States. Specifically, he found himself the Washington state.

Of course, Voyla never could stay put. He traveled the entirety of the American wasteland for much of his lifetime, more focused on survival and seeing the sights than any sort of drive for fortune. Still, as time went on, Voyla aged as we all must sooner or later. Thirty years after his journey began, Voyla at last retires from his adventurer career in the New England Commonwealth. At forty two years old, he occasionally does some guard work to earn some caps to get by, including working for an arms dealer named Kira, but for the most part he keeps to himself. Sometimes he wanders around for weeks on end, the adventurer in him refusing to die, but at this age he can't do the long distance traveling he used to.

These days, his greatest joy is sharing stories of his adventures with the young wastelanders who care to give him the time to listen. He hopes his experience will help others survive the harshness of the wasteland.

Why should it be in the New England Wasteland?: It's an interesting character for lack of a better statement. I've been using him for a while, but I realize I've neglected to apply for him properly--so here's the application. He's just one of those characters you can trust not to shoot you on sight, but at the same time not a pansy who will get shot himself. He's 'neutral good' so to speak. I do events with him sometimes, and other times I just interact with the community using him. He's the closest thing to a waster character I have.


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