Griffin's Landing

Started by Blake.H, 11-05-2016

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Griffin's Landing



"It is said by my Elders that Centuries ago, Jarl 'Griffin' Sjölund raided these isle's after being Exiled from his homelands far West. His party raised a large undeveloped settlement rife with gold and exotic stones, foods and women. With such riches and women but no-where to go - Jarl Sjölund ordered his men (and Longboats) ashore to begin intimidate set up on a large hill beside an ancient sealed tower which overlooked the bay.

After Settling and sending his Plundered riches and women back to his homeland in an effort repair some relations, Jarl Sjölund ordered that the sealed tower be opened. On opening, he gazed upon a small chamber with a magnificent floor and walls chiselled with now destroyed ancient writings and images. The deeper chamber was still blocked, the writings untranslatable, only the images of a Griffins and a Star Calendar comprehend-able.

The calendar showed a 420 year cycle, the last 20 years surrounded by griffins,  it was understood to already at least a decade into the last 20 years of the cycle before Jarl Sjölund managed to clear the rubble and climb the top of Griffin's Perch

The Legend says on reaching the top, he was greeted by a Griffin, which formed an instant loyal bond to him. He used this Griffin to wage raids up until the end of the Cycle 8 years later, where Jarl 'Griffin' Sjölund was found dead and turned to stone.

So Legend says, anyway..."

Threat Level:
Small risk to coastal settlements.


Military Strength:
Small Raiding army.

Griffin's Landing has since been sold to the Dwarves.

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