Beetsong Trading Fleet

Started by CPftw, 09-04-2016

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Name: Beetsong Trading Fleet

Abbreviation: BeetsongTradin

Colours: A cyan centre on a white background


The Beetsong family have been a powerhouse of economic industry, a ruling class of merchant. A wide spread family that has many fingers in many pies, the Beetsong Trading Fleet sails all over the world and finally has set up a trade house in Aceon. Bjorn Beetsong is an experienced trader and weathered sailor, unfortunately age has brought a stiffening of joints and tightening of bowels that make sailing an uncomfortable venture. Centuries of pairing family members into advantageous marriages usually to cousins has left the immediate appearance of many a Beetsong into an interesting view. Though a weak chin and a hint of drool will often mask a wily cunning and expert calculations. A new trade ship designed for speed has been sailed to the Aceon Trading House with only a skeleton crew, hiring of able hands is in progress for those with the necessary experience.

Threat Level: Purely economicly

Expansionist: Land is not a consideration only wealth

Military Strength: On land non-existent, on sea a considerable force to be reckoned with

Trademaster - Bjorn Beetsong - CPftw
Quartermaster - Free
Armsmaster - Free
Sailors - Free
Marines - Free
Merchants - Free