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Hello HGN.

Now i am an insanely big fan of Metro 2033, its an absolutely amazing book (Game is lame).
I know there are members here who have read the book and understand the Canon.
Feel free to join in if you havent, just research before you submit.
I also forbid any use of the Word Nosalis or any other mutants name, as there are actually no names.
All weapons that are in the game other than the AK-47 do not exist either.

As far as equipment goes, be realistic, remembering you cant get your hands on EVERYTHING.
Think makeshift.

Please only take part if you have read the book or have read up a little bit on the Lore of the book.

You live in Proletarskaya, at the rear of your station is one of the starting points to the Hansa ring too your south, it is uninhabited, there are two souther tunnels. Each leading in different directions, also close to you is the plague stricken Poloshad' Il 'Yicha. This is where the story begins.

I have given us a Station that is not mentioned in the novel nor is it actually inhabited in the book, this is to allow us to make up our entirely own story.

You decided who you are.

(Green circle is station location)


Lev Putin, an man in his 50's. He wore a heavy Bomber jacket with a small beard and a winters hat with a dusty Soviet patch on it.
He saw the bombs drop, and fired a few himself, sitting behind the control panel.
Lev was a "Missle Man", they werent very well liked in the metro, but Lev had been to the surface himself many times before to scavange for the people at Proletarskaya. He earn t their respect at-least.  Lev was an experienced Stalker, well known at this station, who got his down time by simply helping the people and Proletarskaya by guarding one of the tunnels, Lev had put a pot of tea on.


Vladimir Cerenkov was 17 when the bombs first fell, He had been out with his family, buying groceries(?) for his Fathers Birthday celebration. As a wedding gift he had purchased a colt 1911 With his Family name engraved in the side, his father was a Captain in the military and would have loved the weapon had he ever gotten it.
Vladimir never heard from his father after he got his siblings and step mother in to the metro, sense he was a tank commander Vladimir always assumed he made it out but will never know for sure, the only memory he has from his father is the gun he was meant to give him.
Vladimir had spent much time in the metro before the war as he had worked in it as a mechanic. He had tracked through the endless tunnels dozens of times So he quickly became a trusted member of the Proletarskaya station and often followed the trade convoys to their destinations. But when he could.. He would spend time with his siblings or by the guard station passing on the latest "Gossip" from the other stations.

As he arrived at the campfire  near the start of the tunnel leading away from the station he noded slowly to Lev then sitting down waiting for the tea he hopped to get a taste off.
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Lev nodded back, patting him on the back as he sat down.

"The finest, all the way from VDNKh, mind you, dont expect much more from them guys up there... I hear things have been going bad down there, they dont think the place will last much longer apparently."

Lev laid two mugs out, puring the tea that was actually made out of mushrooms.
As was all Tea in the metro, but only VDNKh did it so fine.

"How have you been Vlad?"

Lev handed Vladimir a mug of tea.


Vladimir Grabs the mug, sipping carefully on it not wanting to burn his tongue on the hot beverage.

"Yea, i heard the traders talking about a shipment.. But You know.. the normal, It's not easy having a 17 Year old sister and a 21 year Old brother, Im fighting off kids trying to get wit Zaza And trying to convince Dukarov to stay with our family and not Going out on some dumb Adventure.."

Vladimir slowly let his fingers go through his hair.

"Gah.. Does two will be the death of me.. " Vladimir Said Chuckling slowly as he continued sipping on his Tea."

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Lev smiled softly

"You do a good job looking after them two, they are lucky to have you. Lifes never been easy, but we all know even if your not around, the people here are good enough to look after them aswell, this whole station is a tight nit family!"

Lev Sipped on his brew, playing around with a large knife that had been modified to mount on the end of his old Kalashnikov. The blade was too big to be a military issue bayonet.

"Look Vladimir, i need to go out to the surface soon, the only problem is, things are getting scarce  above ground around here, im going to have to travel further than usual, now its entirely up to you if you want to come, im not going to force you, but this time itll be dangerous."

Lev then sighed, rotating, and then finally fixing the Knife back into place on the end of his Rifle.


Vladimir Sighed as he finished up his Tea.

"Lev You of all people should know i'm not one to back down from a challenge, and i cant let you have all the fun know can i? Vladimir Said, un holstering his Old Colt 1911, and slowly pulling the mantle back.

Vladimir Sighed again as he but the pistol back, "When are we leaving?"
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Lev nodded softly. "in two more sleeps we shall set off, we will head up to the Hansa ring tommorow afternoon to grab some final supplies. I've Only ever been on the surface for a few hours at a time, but it looks like it's going to be longer this time, obviously we are both aware on what the Sun rays can do to our eyes, filters, lots of them and we could do with something to dim the lenses on our masks"                                               

Soon after lev finished his sentence, the second outposts alarm sounded, and several shots
Followed after.


Valentin Dragonov , 20 years old, never been outside the metro and was born on the day the bombs fell. His father was a psychologist while his mother died when she gave birth to the boy. His father lived with the boy until the age of 15 and passed on his studies from psychology to him and educated the boy. When Valentin reached 15 his father went to an other station and never came back. The boy assumed the worst and lived off the kindness off other people in the metro and did what he could to survive. He is a loner, doesn't have many friends , he loves black color. He is wearing black jeans, black boots and light greenish jacket with a gray hoody. Under the jacket it self is a black shirt and there was the gasmask he had , hanging on his head, ready to pull it down at any moment. He had a black backpack. The gasmask and the filters he got in the metro. The boy has an AK74 which he earned in the metro as well , and is one of the guards of the metro.

He comes running to the campfire, with his AK74 out and ready, asking "Are we gonna go check that out?!"


Vladimir stood up and brushed off is Brown duster, the Coat was heavily padded and insulated to make sure it could keep it's wearer warm even during the coldest nights. Under it an old Kevlar could be seen and his Sand colored trousers and Black military boots. He grabbed his vepr12* which he had slung before he arrived, Both the Colt as mentioned before and The shotgun had a few years on their neck but were kept in excellent condition as his father had thought Vladimir wen he was young.

"Yea, we should.. Let's get moving don't want to keep em waiting, and kid.. Get behind us, this could get messy.." *
The Vepr12 just for does who don't know what it is.
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Lev Jumped up, Checking how many cartridges he had left.

"Quickly! Lets get down there quick!"

Lev exchanged a friendly nod with Valentin.

He checked his Bayonet, ensuring it was fixed tightly to his AK107, an obvious old relic from his military service that he took into the depths with him the time the bombs dropped. It had been patched up many a time with many a scratch.
Lev Chucked it over his back, and unslinging his large hand held torch, he powered it on, and it lit up the tunnel ahead, the trio began to ran down the tunnel, hearing the shots becoming more frequently, until they could finally see the muzzle flash.


Valentin ran with the two, staying behind and following the advice of Vladimir, since he had no kevlar and could easily get injured. However this wasn't Valentins first shootout. He knew how to fight, but what has happened at the second outpost was making him very curious.


As the Trio arrived to the fighting outpost, shadows flickered and muzzle flash fired, as beams of light where making an attempt to trace a large group of creatures, tall, and hairy, with flat faces, they moved like dogs, but had the posture of a Human...
They must have been human at one point...


Valentin ran up to the defenses, took cover then aimed at the creatures and fired at them.


Lev balanced his AK on one shoulder and brought up his large flashlight, beaming it on the creatures.
They shuddered at the intensity of the light for a second... But then they carried on.

Lev began to fire small bursts with his AK, one handed from the hip, trying to balance it on the sling, not the most accurate thing to do, but none the less it worked.

One of his Bursts thuddered into 3 of the animals, knocking them on their backs, only for them to get up once more and continue their dash to the defenses.


Vladimir Ran up to Lev, watching amassed as the animals got back up. When the animals started running again he took aim and fired, letting the Auto shotgun do it's job. Hundreds of small metal pellets slammed in to the creatures body's stopping them dead in their tracks and forcing them once again in to the ground.
Vladimir watched as the creatures tried to get up again but thankfully failed this time.
But the battle wasn't over as more of the creatures headed towards them.
Vladimir Changed his now empty magazine and Started shooting again, Unloading round after round in to the Crazed animals.

"I have enough for all of you freaks!" Vladimir yelled as the muzzle fire from the groups weapons lit up the tunnel and revealed more of the things coming at them.
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The creatures where getting closer... rounds where continuously fired off, the things even started attempting to flank the men.

"Vlad, we need to get these guys and fall back to the second line, we will loose this station otherwise!"

The creatures where pouncing at the men.
One attempted to throw itself onto Lev, but lev held his Bayonet up, ready to connect to the monster, as it landed on the knife, Lev moved his large torch into the side of its head, knocking it off the blade.


Vladimir nodded as Lev suggested they retreat, not being able to do more while firing.

"Fall back, Move to the next line!" He yelled as he grabbed his colt from it's holster and used it in his left hand and the Verp12 in the other, letting the verp12 hang from it's strap.
Suddenly one of the creatures Leaped at Vlad, using it's entire weight to push him down.
With the creature on top of him, trying to bite his head off, Vlad quickly moved his Colt up to it's head, forcing it in to it's mouth as it snapped at him.

With the last rounds in his magazine he killed the beast by literally blowing the back of it's head open.
Now covered in blood Vlad stumbled to his and catch up with the others, now only using his pistol as the verp12 needed a new magazine.
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Levs torch sparked as the lenses was destroyed by the impact, he took his AK by two hands and begun to put rounds down range, stepping ahead of Vladimir to defend him as he stumbled to the ground. The tunnel begun to fill even more with mutants, almost about 200 where piling in.

"I hate to say it vlad, but we can't hold this, the station hasn't even got a machine gun or a flamethrower, we need to hold the line, get the explosives rigged, and evacuate to Hansa! we will blow the tunnels!" lev shouted whilst firing and running to the second


Valentin tagged along with the two , in utter silence, firing when he could and keeping his distance from the creatures.


*As the men begin to run off they hear a call for help... There is a man lying on the side of the wall, he holds a revolver in his hand and clutches his chest with the other, firing a shot at an oncoming animal. He attempts to fire at another one but a resounding *chink* is heard, indicating that hes out of ammo, the creature jumps on top of him trashing at his chest while the man frantically tries to pummel it with his hands to no avail.*

-Will you save him?-


As Lev and Valentin are the Furthest behind with Vladimir slightly in front of them.
Lev turns to the mans screams, he points directly at Valentin and says

"Help me here!"

Lev immediately comes striking at the animal with his heavy military issue boots, striking it in the side of the chest.

The creature is knocked off the man.

Lev hastily starts to get the man to his feet, slinging one of his arms over his shoulder.

"Come on, lets get you out of here!"

"Vlad, give us some covering fire!" Lev shouts to Vladimir.


*The man yells out in pain as he is heaved onto the mans shoulder, dropping his revolver leaving him with only a knife some ammo, and a few grenades, he will need to restock later. He falls limp on the mans shoulder after passing out from blood loss, luckily he is not that heavy and carries little gear, so hauling him is a fairly simple task.*


Valentin assists Lev with the man as much as he can, holding the AK in one hand.


One soldier, in standard gear of one, but with an AK74 all in duct tape, takes out a grenade and throws it at the tunnel. The grenade flies 17 metres and explodes within a big group of the monsters, killing some of them, and leaving them wounded, few mortally. Then he starts to walk back, shooting at the monsters with bursts of 2-3 rounds, which are decently accurate, but still not accurate enough to shoot in the head nearly all the time. He empties the magazine, which has another one strapped with duct tape, most likely bought for himself (//guerilla double-mags, hell yeah !), trying to take out the monsters near the rescue team.
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