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Exusian Weapons and Armor

Hephaestus Arms B-5 Ensi: The Ensi is a simple bullpup submachinegun favored by rebels looking for compact firepower. Reasonably accurate and with a high ROF the Ensi is well-known for being a quality subgun. Like most SMGs the small caliber round does not lend itself to stopping power or long range but up close it can be quite deadly.

Hephaestus Arms Gladius Assault Weapon: Essentially a machinegun strapped to a semiautomatic grenade launcher, this is the weapon of choice for elite Exusian assault teams. Too heavy to be used effectively by a normal human, these are typically wielded by power armored soldiers.

Hephaestus Arms Damon Assault Rifle: The standad issue rifle of the Exusian army, large quantities of these have also fallen into rebel hands. Made out of reinforced polymer it is very light while still being very strong. Fires a standard assault rifle bullet in full or semi automatic. Can be fitted with a grenade launcher and other accessories depending on the soldier's needs. Another solid weapon from HA.

Sinclair Arms Javelin: Hephaestus is known for its mass-produced military weapons. Sinclair Arms focuses on higher quality and more specialized weapons and because of this it is the favorite gunsmith of most Gunslingers. The Javelin pump action rifle has been around for nearly a century and still remains the gold standard in pump action rifles, forming the action for the personal rifles of many Gunslingers. Magazine fed and very accurate, the Javelin shoots a full-sized round and is the weapon of choice for aspiring snipers.

Gunslinger Weapons: Gunslinger weapons are typically made-to-order or very heavily modified production weapons. Most Gunslingers prefer power and accuracy over raw speed so the vast majority of Gunslingers carry revolvers, typically chambered in large caliber rounds. A Gunslinger's revolver is usually extremely personalized to his or her tastes.

Gunslinger long guns typically tend to be similar. Usually high caliber bolt or pump action rifles (although some Gunslingers do carry semiautomatic rifles or even assault rifles depending on their choice of tactics), these are again highly customized for each individual. Sinclair Arms and other "boutique" custom shops typically handle Gunslinger orders.

Hephaestus Arms Power Armor: Heavy arm can take a toll on combat effectiveness so Hephaestus Arms designed an ingenious array of powered suits of armor. These range from the "Hoplite", an older suit that still offers excellent protection against smaller bullets to the fearsome "Deimos Assault Armor".

Auroran Weapons and Armors

The SRV-43: This rifle is a simple, hardy rifle that has yet to be bested in terms of weapon design. It is pretty much the AK of the Auroran Empire, and is the standard weapon for soldiers throughout the empire due to its simplicity and raw firepower. It is capable of mounting scopes, and underbarrel attachments such as grenade launchers and bayonets.

The SRV-41: A semi-automatic variant of the SRV-43, it is mostly used as a rifle for reservists and volunteers in the Auroran military. It is also a common weapon found in the hands of civilians in the empire. It is also commonly used by pirates, and rebels in the empire. Like the SRV-43 it can also mount scopes, and underbarrel attachments.

The AP-15: This is a semi-automatic pistol which is chambered for a high caliber round. Unlike most weapons in the Auroran arsenal which favor raw firepower, this weapon is a more balanced weapon and is also compact which is an oddity amoung weapons of Auroran design. It boasts a 12 round magazine and decent accuracy, it is a favorite among bounty hunters and Auroran soldiers alike.

The Kurlov-86: This subgun is renowned for its compact nature and devastating firepower due to its use of high caliber rounds it uses. It is a standard weapon for crews in the Auroran Navy and vehicle crews.

The ASV-2: A special forces weapon that functions both as a sniper rifle and an assault rifle, featuring an integrated silencer and a custom round made specifically for the weapon, it is choice among elite soldiers. Originally developed as a weapon for the sentinels, the other houses demanded that this weapon be available for their own use. After a vote in the Auroran Council the rifle was then made available for the Houses to use. Though there are some drawbacks to this weapon. One the complicated nature of the weapon, two the rarity of the round. For those reasons and the fact that it is normally only produced to arm special forces units, that it has yet to make it to the black market.

ASV-1B:This is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that is accurate and deadly at long ranges, magazine fed as well. This rifle has been around for as long as the Sinclair arms Javelin, though most attempts to improve on the weapon have either failed or have improved so little that mass producing anything else and distributing it would be pointless. This rifle uses a similar feeding system that the SRV-43 uses.

Sentinel Weapons:There isn't much of a notable difference between the arms carried by Gunslingers and the arms carried by Sentinels. The main notable difference is that most Sentinels prefer that some sort of blade be attached to their weapon.

Blades and Swords:Auroran Sword and knife fighting is a well known tradition in Auroran space. For this reason, most Aurorans carry around their knives or swords with them, not only would it be useful in a duel, but there have been cases where Aurorans have ditched their weapons in favor of their swords. It is also a tradition for the Aurorans as a right of passage to slay a Cunjo, a massive carnivorous beast with a melee weapons

This doesn't mean these are the only ones. If you have ideas for firearms post them here with descriptions and they may be added if we like them

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