Let's play DoD:S!

Started by deluxulous, 13-12-2009

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Post in this thread if you have DoD, and you want to play with other HGN-ers!

We should establish a time that works with everyone for a game though. I live in EST time, so I don't get home on the weekends till 3:30 PM/15:30. By this time a lot of you guys are going to bed :v

Mondays are bad because I don't get home until REALLY later, about 6:30 PM/18:30.

Weekends are probably the best choice for time.


I'm in it, just I have DoDS on my other account, add me Tisen14
When I did cleanup my shits, I did delete DoDS ... Anyways i'm installing it.


Decisive Bump, I have DoD:S and i would very much like to see this server populated.


Server is up again, want to play? this is your chance (Map is currently dod_strand, a D-Day map, ask me if you want it changed)