CSS Wars Information and Guidelines

Started by Cutch, 12-03-2010

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 The structure of the CSS Wars(CSSW) consists of two leagues, Pro(CSSWP) and Amateur(CSSWA) League. Anyone can start a team, though it MUST consist of 6 people. At the beginning of the League Season, each team will face another team in a series of heats leading up to the finals. Only one team will proceed after every match.

Team 1--                                                                                              Team 5
             |----Team 2-- |                                     |-------Team 6------|---
Team 2--                     |                                     |                                  Team 6
                                  |-----Team 3=Team 6----|                                  
Team 3--                     |                                     |                                  Team 7
             |----Team 3-- |                                     |-------Team 8------|---
Team 4--                                                                                              Team 8

Current Teams
True Pain -TP-
Team Leader: Szenti
Assistant Team Leader:

- Team must consist of 6 members.
- Inconvience of a match time must be told at least 12 hours in advance, or you will automatically be flagged as the losing team.
- A replacement of a team member is allowed as long as he/she is not in another team and the replacement is made clear within an hour of the match.
- Any hacks/exploits/cheats will result in a permanent ban from the league with possible appeal.
- Any evidence of racism in a team name will result in disqualification.

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