The Ravendale Adventurers Guild [WIP]

Started by Steven :D, 22-08-2011

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  The guild was formed as a means to organize the various adventurers who began pouring into Ravendale as rumors of treasure, and mythical beings spread across the lands. The first task is to sort out the newcomers, and decide who's fit to actually take on these beasts, and hunt for these treasures. Before young men would try to take on undead for meager pay while way out of their league. With the introduction of the guild, these inexperienced adventurers would be given fairly good rewards, and jobs even with their level of skill. These jobs can range from killing simple mudcrabs, to stopping a bandit infestation, to even felling ogres, and braving dungeons. The first step though before anyone can take a job, is proving they have the skills, and to prove this they must attain a guild sanction. These sanctions prove that they are not just another civilian hoping to plunder tombs for their own profit, but are payed adventurers doing their job. These sanctions are based on their equipment, past experience, and knowledge in the arts of combat, survival, and lore. Once  the sanction is acquired the adventurers can begin official work handed down to them from the guild, and recieve guild rewards, as well as higher sanctions.


Mudcrab: 25 Crowns
Jelly: 25 Crowns
Small Spider: 50 Crowns
Undead: 100 Crowns
Necromancer: 500 Crowns
Large Spider: 500 Crowns
Cyclops: 5000 Crowns
Dragon: 5000 Crowns

Steven :D

Steven :D

This will probably be re-done when I get back home (in 10 days or so) to give the economy a little boost.