On "IC Guards" and the Like

Started by Paintcheck, 22-01-2012

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It seems there is some confusion about the existence of "IC guards" in the various towns on the map, mostly from people looking for excuses/ways to exploit the idea of their existence or not. I am going to attempt to explain this simply.

1. A faction is fighting another faction. This should be obvious. If Arradorn invades Stormhelm the ONLY people who are fighting are the Stormhelm guards who are online and the Arradorn soldiers who are online. That is IT. Assuming the numbers are somewhat close to even, obviously if 10 Arradorns come into to Town to beat up on 1 Stormhelm dude that is abusing this rule.

2. You have a prisoner/hostage/whatever that needs guarding. This is to prevent players from being captured and tossed into a random building for an hour without any human interaction because the faction that captured him/her/it says "oh IC prison guards, we're going to go raid someone now" as that isn't much fun for the person who got captured to RP.

1. You are a random peasant in one of the big towns. This means even if no guards are online you should NOT act like a fucking moron. Yes you can commit crimes in town but do it discreetly. Making a MASSIVE SCENE in the center of town and trying to fight someone is utterly ridiculous and you should act like you know that. The towns are supposed to be somewhat organized and safe so murdering people overtly in the center of the crowded tavern should not ever cross your mind (but apparently some people have taken "NO IC GUARDS" to mean "I can be a fucking idiot in the town when the guards aren't online!" which has driven me up a wall).

2. You are a monster of some sort trying to enter a town. Monsters do not enter towns.

This should not be difficult to understand now.


What about in a major factions base such as the Port for the Arradorns, would there be IC guards there as well?


Quote from: NexusProdigy on 22-01-2012
What about in a major factions base such as the Port for the Arradorns, would there be IC guards there as well?
As Paint explaned, yes. Although not in combat nor prison RP.