New Command

Started by ThY, 13-01-2012

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Andre & Alejandro Arradorn [Rebel] have abdicated their positions in the house of Arradorn, leaving the warrior Alexander Arradorn [ThY], with his Ship the Cresta hermosa leading the faction.


*The Cresta Hermosa drops its anchor at the local port,  a mighty vessal which displays the Arradorn coat of arms. The troops of Arradorn begin setting up the port (excluding its tower) into Arradorn structures, quarters, and offices. Alexander stands infront of the newly arrived galley, a grin plasters his face. "Good.. very good."*

First act: Everyone in Arradorn must forum PM if their alive. I know who is and who isn't, be honest. Only if you PM will you have a chance to keep your position in Arradorn.