House of Arradorn - Lore & Faction Relations

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   Faction                    Relations              
House Bromithil    Neutral    
Inquisitors  Friendly   
Black Hand    Enemy   

Arradorn is very old family, supposedly ranging back to the very birth of the land. Their home is far east of the land of Crussaria, a home now struck with immense wealth and riches due to trading connections being established in foreign lands under the Arradorn flag. With such a strong and developed naval force, the House of Arradorn could send divisions of its army amazing distances accross the world, through the roughest seas and fiercest battles. Alexander Arradorn, the house commander is determined to keep up his families long reputation of extreme naval power and fearless cutlass combat while establishing the last of these trade routes that will keep his home land swimming in riches, and possibly the most important route of them all. Arradorn has its firm eye on Crussaria, and only Alexander himself knows why.

The Commander;
Alexander Arradorn is a determined man - but most of all patriotic. His men always come first, and the status of his faction before this. He is extremely skilled with his custom engraved, silver trimmed cutlass and prefers light armour.

Advisors do not only advise the Commander in times of need, they are often sent as scouts and spies to perform a range of silent actions.

The Captain;
The Captain has been Alexander's right hand man for a long time, infact he contributed alot towards the setting up and organising of the fleet that arrived here.

The Officers;
These two men are the backbone of the Arradorn force. These train, and most of all dicipline the army into top standard. Old eastern routines and traditions are followed when training, and.. unfortunaly in punishment too. This makes fear a huge factor in Arradorn Military life.

Senior Warriors;
There are a handfull of soldiers, experienced, and the best of their force. These were sent from the eastern lands to accompany Alexander and the family to their voyage to Crussaria. Although new to this land, their skill with the cutlass is immense and should be feared. They are completely loyal to their supirior, the Commander.

Natives of Crussaria often have an interest in contributing to the newly arrived House of Arradorn, either for pride, or financial reasons. Those enlisted localy are forced to take up the Cutlass as their favoured weapon, and are also forced to follow eastern tradition. This is a huge change for the soldiers, which could eventually be a downfall. On the other hand, their knowledge of Crussaria is fluent and accurate.

These are peasent, normal folk who want their freedom. They want their lives, they don't want obedience and they don't want to adopt eastern standards. They simply support Arradorn and fight for them in need. Armed with a cutlass and Arradorn badge, these men are almost the ambassidors and reputation of Arradorn. These are often sent on no-return missions, or used as spies.


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I've honestly just got to ask... how can you be "Neutral" with House Bromithil. How exactly is one "Neutral" to the King of Crussaria?
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Quote from: Chaqery on 24-01-2012
I've honestly just got to ask... how can you be "Neutral" with House Bromithil. How exactly is one "Neutral" to the King of Crussaria?
We are indifferent towards the House of Bromithil whom are garrisoned at Stormhelm. Arradorn alike is a huge kingdom, just outside of Crussaria. The two Houses are neutral towards eachover and often assist eachover in smaller conflicts, which is what has been happening as of recent. Although there are likely going to be wars in the future, for now we are happily living alongside eachover.