House of Arradorn - Application [Closed]

Started by ThY, 20-12-2011

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How to Join the house of Arradorn

1. Obtain common sense
2. Obtain knowledge on Crussaria and HGN
3. Post here with the template below.
4. I will edit your post with the decision.

Time in HGN:
Steam ID:

Character Name:
Applying for - Family/Military/Advisor
Two paragraph backstory:

The house of Arradorn is a foreign family which moved to Crussaria a few years back, the new ship only contains resources and some family members to make a strong start.

If you apply to be apart of the Royal Family, you were born with royalty in luxory, riches and wealth in a land far away from Crussaria with the other members in the family. You somehow agree to help setup a settlement in Crussaria.

If you apply to be Military, you are either an experienced warrior, foreign, from the same land as the family lived. You're loyal to the Family and have faught for them all your life. You are a skilled fighter with the Houses favourite weapon, the cutlass. OR You have heard of Arradorns arrival, so turn up to the port and volunteer for soldier recruitment and training with the officers there and agree to take up the cutlass as your weapon of choice. (The latter option is most likely)

If you apply to be an advisor, your backstory has no limits.

(ignore typos, ill spellcheck tomorow)


Updated application procedure