Started by Darkpphenox, 13-01-2011

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Hey I want into the Crussaria Midevil Roleplay world On Garrysmod Buttt.......... :'( there is a passcode and I Cannot Get In  :( .Ive made an account on The Hyper Gaming Network , Ive Sent Last.Exile And Zstan A message {IDK if they Got it  ???} but no reply i really need help ill join any group on steam ill add tags on my name ill do any thing I can. All in All ive spent 3 Dyas trying to get in if anyone has any ideals or just wants to be really Awesome and help it would be much appreciated. Thank you ;).



We are currently under going alpha testing dark, about 15 people where selected to go in, I think.

So you will have to wait until we release it :)


For now we have it open to donators and trusted members so I dont think you wil be able to get in for awhile but we are planing on opening it in not to long.


Tentative release date for the beta according to SK is 2 weeks so if you're lucky you'll be able to get in then.

Although in this community "two weeks" usually means closer to "over 9000 years" so equally likely is you die of old age long before the server opens up.