Banditing / Waylaying Guide

Started by Madcombat, 30-01-2012

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Banditing Guide
By Madcombat
Well folks, welcome to the thread I've been wanting to try take a dash at for some time,  the banditing / Waylaying thread.

What is a Bandit?
When we talk about the word Bandit, it can mean many things however we generallise this with stealing in a highly aggressive nature.  Bandits are either indiviuals or groups of Crussarians who attempt to make there fortune in a lawless nature.  Bandits acheive this through waylaying.  Bandits usually attempt to live outside of a law controled enviroment such as forests or caves as there is less of a chance to being captured and brought to justice.  Bandits tend to not buy, though they might bribe to gain a upper hand to a situation such as leading a group of travelers into a waylay.

What is Waylaying?
Waylaying is a American old west term for those who laid in wait to ambush a group or individual passing by, Bandits will use this tactic to capture and control a situation quickly.  But why is way laying so effective?  Well, when a group way lays, they are likely unseen by the fly walking into there webb, it allows the aggresors to surround there victims giving them a tactical advantage and finally close in for captured or mugging.

Should I finish the act?
So your at the point where you could stick a blade into the gullet of the victim without opposition, well your about to enter a little problem deciding on your mentallity.  First of all, who are you robbing, a child, a Mother, a full grown adult or a old man?  Chances are that a average bandit isnt going to go the next step to be unbelievably dishonorable and murder a child or Mother or even prehaps a old man as all three are practically defenceless, but what about if a grown man put up no fight and gave in, the problem still persists whether to kill them or not.

Lets take into concept what might happen if you choose to kill them, because I know how blood thirsty we are in this community which is the truth, alot of us would rather kill our victims.  However, if we murdered any of which in a robbery attempt, we will gain alot more notoriety and with that (For what you Elder Scroll lovers call) a bigger bounty. (A bounty is a sum offered to put you to justice.) this will make your operations in the future alot more difficult as people WILL be hunting you.  But what if we let them live?  They might tell a guard and get a bounty on your description.  You've entered the world of dialemas and this is where you should be smart, who knows they might not even say a word about it because they are too ashamed.  You might even try other options you may find lurking in your mind.

Stop, you've violated the law!
Well, your in a tight spot huh?  The law is on your tail and you dont really feel like having your head on a pike now do you?  Well lucky for you theres a number of things you could try out to evade or lower your situation.

Fight your way to victory
Is this really the right option to take, look at your chances and what you've done in the past, if you fail and are captured, your going to die a public death, if you win and evade successfully you'll live another day but the hunt for you may resume, so be smart.

Come quietly
So your being a good boy eh', well you might suvive and be imprisioned.  Not much I can say about this as you may be imprisioned for a long time, hell your friends might come and save you.

Well, being a little weasel now are we.  This might be very smart indeed as you can gain a upper hand inside the law as well.  However you'll be taking a chance on how noble the guard is himself, so be smart.  However if you are successfull, you might be able to expand your operations a notch and remove alot of notoriety through the guard. You might be even able to lower your sentence by bribing, think of the possible possibilitys.

Run forest run
Well, your evading the sitation.  Be smart and split up from your group if you can, that way atleast most of you wont be captured.  Or you could run with the group and cause a disturbance along the way, obstructing them.  Remember to roleplay this otherwise you'll be breaking a rule.

I'll add more at a later date, any critisism or advise you want added, go for it.


I hope the will actually read the guide... for they're own good

Really nice made!  :tick:
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Quote from: KetChuup on 30-01-2012
Really nice made!  :tick:

I somewhat disagree with the statement, though theres always room for me to improve it.


I love this, but now people will have one claim "There is no rule against it". Most people hate to have common sense.


Quote from: whyku on 31-01-2012
I love this, but now people will have one claim "There is no rule against it". Most people hate to have common sense.

Doesnt matter if theres a rule or not.  If they get caught then they can easily get punished for more the reason of being retardedly stupid.  This is what this is for, tips and ideas for what the newfags to bandits should do.  Whether they heed the advise or not is up to them but the outcome resumes the same and I am sure theres a nice healthy PK for any silly characters.