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First of all I would like to say this is NO guild. It's a school, like the topic says.

Name of the school: Merlin's Academy of Magic and Spellcasting


No Magic Abilities. You just read things which are given to you by a teacher

You can study what you would like to learn. No magic abilities.

You've got a special magic SWep. (Fire/Ice/Earth) You can leave the school.


Head of the school. Teacher. Psycic & Fire.



Novice to Wizard = A month
Guildmage = Unachievable
Archmage = Unachievable



Crussaria. Dotted by its fine lightgreen forests and its cavefilled hills. The most beautiful part of the land
must be the white sand coast which you arrived. The land is also dangerous with the orcs in their caves
waiting for unwary travelers to pass by their cave.

It was in this land that the first magicite was found by an explorer. It was later to be used for experiments
and examination and to be a part of the birth of the first so called "Magi". Even though everyone seemed
to think she was to first to carry magic we all know its our master Merlin that was the one....

Across the great sea in a land - much like Crussaria - an old man had just stepped out of his house.
The land was named Betania and the man Merlin.
Merlin wore a robe a cloak and a pointy hat, filled with amazing colors and textures. Merlin was the first magic - wielder we know and he called himself a wizard.

Merlin was of course a wizard and he had two apprentice's Cedric the Young and
Mossberg the Libarian. Cedric had been found on a farm not long from Merlin's hut were he had grown up to be
a farmboy. At an age of fourteen Merlin bought the child that was now fourteen from his poor family. Cedric was
Merlin's first and foremost apprentice.

Mossberg an oldtime friend of Merlin. He had worked as a libarian in the city till an age of sixtyfour and
is the most of of the apprentice's of Merlin.

Cedric had his own apprentice. His name was David and was once a farmhand just like himself he became
Cedric's apprentice at an age of 22

Mossberg had two apprentice's Cerio and Hubert. Cerio was Mossberg's own son and had lost his mother
at an age of twelve he started learning the art's of magic from Merlin at the same time as Mossberg
But was mostly trained by his own father. Hubert was born in the war and was supposed to grow up to be a noble
but he didnt want to so he ran away to hide in the libary. Mossberg who had an heart of gold and understanding
took Hubert in as his own son.

About two weeks after Merlin's death the last decentants of him would sail across the great sea in search
for knowledge. They call themselves "The Order of Merlin".

(Issabela the Witch telling Cedric about his past)

Chapter 1

After Merlin's death the descendants decided that there was nothing left for them to do here. They took with a
great colonization ship that would sail in a few days. It had more than fivehundred crewmen but only fifty of them
were loyal sailors, rest of them was just hired men and mercenaries. The ship had food and animals for more than
a year and cargo that filled the half of the boat. The ship would be the largest ever launched from Betonia. The
captain and the wizards had decided to sail to the almost unexplored Caedan.

*A Year later*

The crew started to become tired. The captain had abandoned most hope of getting to Caedan with that weather
and fog and decided to sail back, but the problem was that in an accident David had burned the map so that he
would have to follow his instincts. With Hubert's help the ship could sail around fourty miles an hour so that was
not the problem, it was that they didnt know what way that they sailed.

*Around a half year sailing towards the unknown*

The food for the animals was about to slip up so the crew decided to kill all the animals and freeze them down.
The captain went up to the deck. He noticed it was raining. The crew had created a makeshift roof out of cowskin
and wool which they had plenty supply of. Some of them were fishing, some were playing cards and other were
testing who was the strongest. The lookout was playing with his pet a parrot called Charlie that was no problem
for the captain because it seemed like there were no rocks here they could crash on and there was really nothing
more to see than Water.. water and fog.

The great seas drained the wizard’s power and slowly but surely they descended into madness. The echo of birds
could be heard from above, but the delusional crew ignored it, as if a hallucination. Suddenly, from the fog, came
hordes upon hordes of black ravens. The captain stood and cried out “It’s a sign! It’s a sign! The Black Raven,
death is upon us!” Those able to stand rushed to the edge of the boat and anxiously peered into the fog. Bleak
nothingness lay before them. Many more hours passed and the crew became nervous with still no sign of land.
It was noon the Lookout had gone down to play a game of card's. No one minded it because the fog had gone
on for a half year. It's like it would never end. They stopped caring. The wizards were trying riddles on eachother
they were getting harder and harder for every single day. Cedric was looking into the fog in hope of finding something
else than fog wher he was not very good at, At least he havent found anything yet. A few our's later to everyone's
suprise.. The fog was clearing.Or at least just behind them Cedric was the first to see  this and he didnt believe
his own eye's. The crew was celebrating, everyone did. The lookout post was still empty though and everyone
had seemed to have forgotten about that. Everyone crept to bed exept Cedric who was looking out for land. He
saw something in the horizont, it was going over the water.. Was it a rock? The Wizard ran through the sleeping
quarter's trying to wake everyone up they were about to collide. And they did, it was amazing how less time was
needed the rock to cut trough the wood. Half the ship was already under the water and most people had failed
to get a rowboat and the ones who did had theirs so overfilled that they would sink. Cedric was trying to organize
an effort to save all the old books who were probably still  intact but then he realized that it was too late for that
and went to see how it was going with the rowboats..no boat were left for him and the ship was going under the
water so quickly and a lot of the crew was still on board. A few minutes after the ship had sunk cargo and
woodpieces were laying in the freezing cold water. Cedric saw a group of insects flying around them.they were close
to land. Cedric had started swimming in the direction that the ship would have sailed. His fellow wizard's followed
him with their books strapped around their belts and he prepared a spell to keep him and his fellow combrades at
least a little warmer but it was still getting colder and darker for every meter they swimmed and soon he fell asleep
last thing he saw was some trees in the horizont. Cedric woke up. It was morning, it seemed that the waves had
brought him to a coast. He stood up and tryed to look for his fellow order members, but.. the fellow wizards were
not to be seen anywhere.

Chapter 2

The wizard stood up to dust off the sand. He started looking around to get a look on his situation. He could see a
road leading to a bridge crossing a river
going into a forest. He decided to follow the road to see where it was going was a good idea. After some time of
walking the wizard came to a village. It had five houses. An inn, a merchant, a mayor's house and two farms. He
was cold and tired so he decided to go visit the inn to get a warm drink and a bed. He went inside and talked to
the innkeeper. "A room costs a gold piece, good sir." said the innkeeper. Sadly Cedric was broke so he decided that
visiting one of the nearby farms to ask for a place to stay. The people living in the house were to all luck some friendly
ones, not asking him to do anything in return for his stay.

It was a little farm and it were many living in it. Too many Cedric decided. He saw what the family had were two old
people, two mature people, two kids and a small child. When he saw this he came to think of his own childhood. And
how Merlin had taken him in while he was still young. He also came to think about the apprentice he lost. And about
he needed a new one. And what could be more perfect for that than a small child? He could not buy the child. So he
offered the familly to look into it's future. His parents thought that it would be smart for them to know the child's
future so without a second thought they agreed to it. Cedric sayd that the child had a great and shiny future in front
of him. He was bound to grow up to be a great and known man all across this land. The parents were graccius about
those words and when he told them that it would require him to take care of the child they flatly agreed to it. One
mouth less to feed and it would not be evil to let him go if it was for a better futur. He asked where the nearest city
was and they said that it's a few miles north of the village.

After a night's sleep he took the child and put his direction towards north. He could feel that his magic was getting
back to him. The family had supplied him with some food and water for the trip as a token of their gratitude. He came
to the city. News about the continued fights of the Dukes had reached his ears he didnt care much about it at the
time and neither did the citizens that he ran into. He got himself a job at the inn showing some "Magical Tricks". The
people in there were amazzed and he earned quite a bit. Quite a lot that is. Soon he had enough money to buy
his own house. On rent that is. It was a large one. It had a great room and several large ones. And even lots of
sleeping quarters. He got the house cheap because the man who build the estate died in it is said to be still living
there as a ghost. This was all nonsence though and Cedric knew it. The house even came with Furniture enough for
a small army. The Great room was a libary. Filled with books about the lore of Crussaria and also some other books
that seemed to indeed fall in Cedric's interest. The Magicite and its uses. what was magicite? Cedric used all night
reading it. It was a thick book. The writer's name was not known and it seemed to have an aura surrounding it.
Wonder where the man had got such a book from? No matter this book would sure come in good use in educating
wizards though..........

To be continued...

Writer: Nikolaz Wilson
Supported by: Akira (me) and Dom



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1. Never use aggresive magic but told to by a teacher or in acts of self defense.
2. Never use magic to cheat in games of any sort in the inn or any other places this will cause permanent suspendation from the academy.
3. Help fellow students of the same art which are having a problem with certain magic or spellcasting.
4. Help any fellow students if possible when they ask for it.
5. Disobeying a teacher will be punished by being sent to the adminstrator.
6. Eating food out of lunch breaks in schooltime will be punished.
7. Drinking any kind of alcholic beverages in the school will be punished by two days suspendation.
8. Bullys will not be tolerated and they will be kicked out of the school.
9. If you are having problem with a person outside or inside of school go to the teacher, if this is not possible deal with him/her youself.
10. As all know the school end's at 16.00. You can leave the school until 20.00. If you are sleeping in the inn follow rule 11 and be back at 12.00.
11. And every student has to announce his/her absence.
12. Every student has to follow these rules, if they do not they will receive harsh punishment.

Applications - Closed until this is accepted

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You are faced by an immesnseley powerful Daern, what do you do?

Do you care about getting Magic?

How will you use Magic for the betterment of the Kingdom?

You see a large rock formation in the distance, upon further examination, it appears to be a Magicite Ley Line, what do you do?



I think we might need to consolidate this and the First Order since having two magic groups when wizards are supposed to be very rare doesn't make sense.


Look at the link in the second post.. This was already planned long ago.


Yet the idea of a magic school existing doesn't seem relevant to me. When my group both teaches and puts to use the individuals we teach. You said yourself you send away your pupils when they finish.

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