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UPDATE: Starting planet for any one interested is Droméas, on the edge of Exusian space and the Borderlands that divide Exusia from Aurora. Droméas like most of the edge planets was not terribly stable to begin with and since the fall of Exusia it has turned into somewhat of a haven for drug smugglers, gun runners, slave traders, and other sketchy endeavors (imagine Mos Eisley). You do not HAVE to start here if you do not want to but it would be easiest if you did (though if you don't Tom and I have ways to move everyone together so don't fret too much if you wanted to start in space)

Alright Tom and I are working on a story but it would be helpful to see what people wanted to play as character wise so please post your ideas up here (or ask for help if you want more clarification of something).

The current idea for the story is a smuggling ring in the Borderlands between Exusia and Aurora. The region of space is fairly lawless so all of you smuggling/space pirate/slave trader types should fit in pretty well. We are currently setting this AFTER the fall of Exusia so the Exusian empire is pretty much nonexistent and the Aurorans are recovering from the war themselves. Maybe in another story arc we will go back to before the Fall to one of the earlier conflicts between Exusia and Aurora (of which there are many).

So yeah, post up your ideas for characters, I want to see some cool stuff.



Name: Desmond Red

Weapon of Choice: Vulkan G-31. An old handgun from when Exusia still held its power.

Appearance: Red has shaggy brown hair, but clean shaven, his eyes are hazel. He wears a light blue dress shirt, with a blue vest on top, and light black slacks. His feet are covered by black dress shoes, a small pack of cigarettes hands loosely from his vest pocket, a lighter lying in his slacks pocket.

Occupation: Freelance work, catching smugglers for Auroran government. Ship is an Interceptor X-240, an old model that fits a small crew, it's a decent speed, and armed with a manually aimed machine gun.

Backstory: Find out IC'ly.


Alright, sounds cool. Tom was telling me about it and I brainstormed this character up.

His name is Alsar Demova, Also known as Al. He's a Lowborn who got mixed with the wrong group of people, and usually got the short end of the deal. Around his 20's, A little gang he was in decided to pay a visit to a port where pilots usually hung around before taking off again. They had snuck onto a small cargo ship and taken off with the ship before the pilot even realized. On the way out of the port, they blew through the credit check system and was well on their way out of the region. Thats when a auto-defense cannon turned its gun towards the ship and started opening fire. Al was piloting the ship manually and was rather in-experienced.

The ship was hit twice before it broke atmosphere and got out of range. Though, by this time the engine had been blown out and a fire was spreading through the ship. The 3 other gang members took extinguishers to the engine and tried to stop the spread of the fire, but another chain explosion occurred killing them. Now here Al was, stuck in space with no engine and a fire spreading. Panicing, he closed off the area with a firedoor, and searched around the consoles for any sprinkler system which he activated. About a day past as he floated aimlessly through space awaiting a ship to pass so he could get a tow to a port, preferably not the one he escaped. While exploring the ship, he had come across a hidden compartment which contained smuggled illegal weaponry, tagged with coordinates and a consumer. Has fortune finally smiled upon him? He opened the shipment and looked it through, pulling out an Ensi with a smile. He closed up the box and shoved it back down into the compartment and closed it up.

Days later he had been towed to the port with the coordinates, selling off the goods, acting like he knew what he was doing. He had gotten enough money to fix the engine and got the hell out of there. With a ship, a console full of smuggler contacts, a handful of credits and a new found career.

Now a year or so later, hes found himself stuck in another situation where fortune has taken a shit on him. Caught in a smuggling ring bigger than he thought, hes got to work something out or face death.

Hope its good.

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-WIP- (Typed it a bit late at night just wanted to post it up.)
Jacko 'Stinky' Menuto

A young man around the age of 24 to 27, he stands at 5'9 and is a medium built man with a Darker to medium complexion, he also has brown eyes and cheap diamond piercings on his ears, he seems to enjoy jewelry a good amount even if its fake as he wears a large silver looking chain on his neck. He rarely bathes and has gained many unwanted tattoos including one of his 84 year old grandmother who he took up the work of bounty hunting to help take care of. He has dirty longish hair slicked back with grease. He has recently has taken up the dangerous work recommend by one of his less than notable uncles of bounty hunting and some mercenary work. His uncle hooked him up with a few other mercs and freelancers since his uncle's reputation was hurt after a job went bad leaving several of his partners dead, Thus allowing his nephew Jacko to work with some of his old contacts. Jacko lived all around the sector he could in some of the most fowl places and horrid conditions fighting to survive for himself and his family. Jacko managed to get some weaponry off the streets and managed to team up with another bounty hunter considering Jacko did not have a ship but had some experienced having worked a bit in the slums and some other sectors from past mercenary work with the Aurorans. His main goal is to get enough money from work to keep his grandma as well as his baby's mamma surviving back at home and hopefully he can return once he has made enough.

Basic Appearance: Greasy and dirty black slicked back hair with an old and blue bandana, He also has a light but thin beard, tank top with updated Kevlar vest on top and a heavy and brown work coat, stained and slightly baggy cargo pants, some dirty and old black work boots.

Weapons: Blaster-5 .357 revolver (5 Round mag), and a secondary Pelitor-9mm (9 round mag)

Known Status: Currently hired in Desmond Red's crew.


Name:Adam Forwin
CharPhys: Adam is a small fellow that does not speak much and seems to be in his own world most of the time.
Weapon:ASV-1B (This sniper rifle doesn't mount Silencers ~Tom). semi auto Colt (Colts don't exist in space). 2 daggers that seem to made just for his hands.
Back-Story:Find out IC.


Name: Chip Fulton
Age:  42
Physical Description: He is a medium built man that stands at about 6 feet. He has a staunch face, black hair with specs of grey strands and a goatee. He wears a White dress shirt, black jeans, a black trench coat with a crisscrossing bandolier and a black cowboy hat with a sandy picture of a woman wearing a red dress and an autograph on it. He also speaks with a high pitched southern accent.
Backstory: Chip used to be a gunslinger during the end of Archillies time. His family being a highborn, gained nobility status by having a large ranching operation that spanned across many planets. When Chip became of age he became a gunslinger under the alias "Vulcan". Chip's choice of weapon is his Sinclair Arms Javelin and a vintage black six shooter at his waist that rarely sees action.  His work usually required him to do cloak and dagger missions as in crossing over rebel territory and destroying an ammo depot or killing a lieutenant.
                Although Chip is of a highborn family, the Fulton's have lost nobility over the year due to some family disputes that started all over a high stakes poker game held for the nobles. The Fulton's had to pay the losses by giving away a large chunk of their ranching operations causing the Fulton's to be the lesser of the highborns and socially exiled.
                Now that the Exusian empire fell, Chip has settled down in a small town in the borderlands trying to erase his past and start a new life as just plain old Chip. Chip now occupies himself as a grease monkey in the town of Redstone.  Although many do not know of Chip's past, Chip fears the day that a gunslinger hunter comes by and recognizes Chip as Vulcan.

Edit: Why da fuck not?

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This is going to start tonight most likely. On my way back from Pennsylvania right now. If anyone else wants to get in on this post please.


Name: Quentin Clancy
Age: 37
Appearance: 6'2", somewhat heavyset. Somewhat deep voice, newscaster accent. Favored attire is casual - usually long pants with running shoes no matter what, uses a peacoat with heavy clothing in compliance with the weather.
Profile - Early life is unrecorded. Clancy made his name by getting in good with an arms dealing operation in Exusia before it fell apart, but had to stop due to multiple high profile transactions which lead to investigations by the authorities. Shortly after, he moved to the Borderlands and continued his trade. Somewhat notorious, and keeps to himself - he acts very professional and tries to avoid conflict with others, providing him with a lasting trade. Normally acts very calm and laid back. Generally avoids combat, but since he often is alone he carries an AP-15 with him at all times, and knows how to use it. His other weapon of choice is the B-5 Ensi. Keeps it in his ship and has used it on more than one occasion involving shady deals.