Sevall the TreeSinger

Started by matter, 01-08-2014

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Native Name: Treesinger
Common Name: Sevall
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Build (Height/Weight): 5'10" and 132 lb.

Race: Floran
Skin: Pale Green
Foliage: Green
Flower: Purple
Eyes: Black

Handedness: Left
Distinguishing Marks: Multiple old scars around the neck and chest
Cybernetics/Replaced parts: None
Physical Description: Well built Floran who seems to have seen battle quite a bit which isn't too different for a normal Floran. Instead of carrying about like a lunatic though he seems rather passive and cheery around other races, especially Hylotl. Usually keeps himself fairly well groomed and likes to look his best.

Character Traits:
Well Behaved, Musically Talented, Experienced Sword-fighter
Character Flaws: Passive, Uneducated, Trusting, Uncultured
Quirks: Doesn't like his own race, Learns songs from all races, Hoards valuables in secret

Bloodline: None

Genetype: No

Contacts/Friends: None (For now)

Enemies: None (For now)

Final Will & Testament: "Please don't eat this one. This one wishes the be buried under a tree, or a bush."

Former Career: Entertainer, Bodyguard

Basic Skills: Fast Learning, Cooking, Tracking
Advanced Skills: Swordsmanship, Instruments of all types

Lacking Skills: Bluffing, Marksmanship, Discretion

Treesinger or Sevall as he's been dubbed by his old companions was taught quickly to dislike his own race starting with his abandonment on a remote planet. His adoptive mother, Starlover, was a Hylotl who was a refugee of the Floran war, but thankfully she took pity on the small plant. Raising him as her own she taught him to enjoy the beauty of music and even a Hylotl style of swordsmanship. His second lesson in hating his race came though when a group of them came to the planet for unknown reasons and found Starlover whom they promptly killed. Upon learning of his adoptive mother's death he hunted her murderers to a tomb which they had set up camp in. After making short work of them he took their ship and left the planet with only his clothes and the things his mother had taught him.

Traveling between worlds brought him into contact with many other races, most of whom weren't so accepting of the young Floran. Once when he had come across a Glitch castle he heard a band of musicians playing a lively tune and he decided to join in with an improvised part. The lord of the castle who had been listening in delighted in the new sounds Sevall brought and quickly named him an honorary bard. This started his expansive study of music and later traveling with a small band of Glitch he allowed him to get in closer to many of the other races. This traveling taught him many different styles of music which he committed to memory so well it surprised even the Glitch.

Living abroad forced him to learn how to survive though and his own ability with the sword grew and grew as he hunted for food and protected his own and other lives (Usually from his own race, too). Many who he followed where greatly impressed with his skills with blades and instruments, this of course lead to him being offered jobs left and right from simply entertaining to protecting people and cargo. Often he'd end up having run ins with the wrong sort of crowd who abused his quick trust to get cheap help.

Why you were brought aboard the U.M.S.C. Retribution Prison Barge:
A fairly notorious group of pirates set their sights on a large freighter full of cargo but needed a bit of help. Unfortunately they had Sevall's help in the past so it was a simple thing to call him up and convince him that what they where doing was a good thing.
Upon breaking into the freighter they made off with a few crates of cargo before the U.M.S.C. reared their ugly head and began a systematic take down of the pirates. Sevall was caught up in it and unfortunately was classed as too dangerous to be with the others and shipped off to a Prison Barge to live out a, quite absurd, life sentence.

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