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*sorry if I didn't put this in the right place*

Name: Sanji
Age: 25
Sex: M
Build (Height/Weight): 5'4" 137 lbs

Race: Human

Skin: White
Hair: Yellow
Eyes: black

Handedness: ambidextrous
Distinguishing Marks: Several scars and stitches across his entire body from self experimentation. The most notable though is a brand on the back of his neck that looks to be of floran design.
Cybernetics/Replaced parts(If Any): None
Physical Description: He looks extremely scrawny, maybe even malnourished. He stands with a slight slouch, shoulders drooping down and constantly fiddles with his hands or an object in his hands as he looks around though extremely baggy eyes. He usually has an expressionless face while he looks around and offers a quick smile to whoever may meet eyes with his before continuing looking around.

Personality: Erratic. Could be your best friend one minute and the next he could swear a death so terrible that your ancestors will suffer too. Then go back to being your best friend like nothing happened. Brutally honest, so think twice before you ask his opinion, you might not want to hear it.
Character Traits: extremely flexible, quick reflexes and above average perception.
Character Flaws: lacks social etiquette, rude, below average physical strength and takes frequent cat naps *standing up*
Quirks: tends to offer chances to guests to try mystery shots *don't accept*

Bloodline: None

Genetype: Yes

Contacts/Friends: none yet

Enemies: none yet

Final Will & Testament. None yet.

Former Career(If Any): Bio-engineer/doctor

Basic Skills: firearms, civilian vehicles operation.
Advanced Skills: Swordsmanship, Medical skills and Electronics.

Lacking Skills: Mechanical upkeep/repair, metal working, equipment upkeep and lying

How/Why you were brought aboard the U.M.S.C Retribution Prison Barge: "The idiots accused me of seeking to aid the florans. I just wanted to make it so crops can grow with less. However I guess I shouldn't have done it on a floran planet and accidentally gave birth to florazilla."

Background: He was born in a distant colony that was fairly hostile. The colonists had trouble farming for food and he had to learn to live with less *a habit he never got out of*. As if life decided things weren't hard enough for the colonists, florans showed up and enslaved the colony. The larger and older colonists were first to disappear, probably eaten and the younger scrawny ones were raised like livestock. The florans weren't content with just having food, they made him and the other human cattle fight in an arena for their lives. He eventually rose to be their arena "champion" and from this he learned to use a light sword. *like a rapier/sabre* He was the last survivor from that generation before the avians came in and managed to drive the florans to the end of the planet. He was brought before some avian temple and then let go, still doesn't know what that was about. Probably some sort of judgment thing but he was allowed to leave the planet. On his way he was intercepted by apex spouting something about Vestigi-Evo Process. He was held in a cell but they accidentally left some research notes that he understood enough to modify some info in it. This caught the apexes attention and they decided to educate him some to see if he would better serve as a scientist rather than an experiment. Their hunch proved right as he proved to be naturally gifted with understanding the art of bio-engineering and furthered his education with everything they knew to see if he could further advance their race. From this he learned the best medical skills the apex had to offer and electronic skills to use their equipment. A year of experimenting later he accidentally turned a floran giant, which destroyed the apex facility he was in and was intercepted by a human patrol. An awkward dialog later he was detained and thrown in prison for knowing just a "little" too much. Normally someone with this knowledge should be executed but the humans were eager to weaponize what he may know.

(just sort of drew things out of a hat to decide his path.)


I'd like a little more information on the reason as to why your character is in the Penal colony, Being a Genotype is a start but not enough.

Also, the background has to be expanded upon DRASTICALLY, there is no way around this one, I want to know the kinda character you're gonna play about as well as you do.




Just curious, where did he get an advanced knowledge of swordplay from? His history doesn't speak of him being much of a fighter in any sense.

Otherwise the history is... well, interesting to be sure. Fits with Starbound's general theme of just slightly absurd.


I wasn't sure how to put this in there but Ill just plop it here and see if its yay or nay. He was forced to fight other human cattle in a sort of gladiator ritual that took place several times a week and what he killed, the florans ate. Ever since then he has never really given up the art of sword fighting. *Something along that line*


The whole turning into a giant floran deal makes me squint a little, and if that's your Genetype then I can't see it actually being used in an RP scene.

However, it definitely makes sense that you'd be on the Barge now.

Though you will need to further explain in your background exactly how you acquired each of the skills you've mentioned, a short arc, or the gladiator thing you mentioned because I can seriously see florans doing that.

*edit* His race is missing from between "Build" and "Skin", once these are rectified then your character is approved by myself.


I was working for the apex at that time. The giant floran thing was a genetic experiment gone wrong, reference to fallout 3 the giant fire-breathing ants incident :P. Wont happen again, probably. Also updated the background. As for the basic skills, point a gun and pull the trigger. One pedal goes, one pedal stops, turn the controls to not hit stuff. Simple stuff to pickup in a minute or two.


I can't see anything wrong with it then, Kaz?


Looks fine to me, though I am still waiting for a reply to the message you sent me Minion, pertaining to your quirk. Once that is resolved this has my OK.