Kaz Martell

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Name: Kaz Martell
Age: [Redacted] (Late 20's-30's est.)
Sex: Male
Build (Height/Weight): Moderate build; A little over 1.8m, and a little over 80kg.

Race: Human
Skin: Caucasian; more pale due to the length of his incarceration.
Hair: Short, dark brown/black
Eyes: Dark brown/hazel

Handedness: Ambidextrous
Distinguishing Marks: Has two tattoos; One on his chest of a two-headed bird, and one on his right shoulder that is a large I with a skull in it. Neither have particularly high amounts of detail or any color.
Cybernetics/Replaced parts(If Any): None
Physical Description: Kaz is in decent shape given his physique, not being particularly beefy nor slim. Aside from having a perhaps above-average dexterity and strength, he is what one might consider 'average' in terms of looks.

He keeps himself well groomed, though even with a lack of sun he can't escape the rugged grit his former life bestowed on his body, leaving him with callouses and rough synth-skin replacements.

Personality: Kaz tends to be very forward and to the point. When he has something to say, he will usually tell you about it. While not exactly willing to go out of his way, he can be very helpful if he finds a good purpose in it.
Character Traits: Kaz is very confident in regards to things he thinks he knows about. He has a specific code of honor that he follows, but knows when honor is going to get him killed and switches to more of a crude survivalist.
Character Flaws: If he's wrong but thinks he's right he'll be unrelenting. Sometimes he'll cut a situation down more quickly than it might need to be for self-preservation.
Quirks: His standard salute is placing a splayed hand over his heart, with his thumb in his palm.

Bloodline: [Redacted]

Genetype: [Redacted]

Contacts/Friends: Only those he's made in the U.S.M.C prisons, which aren't many.

Enemies: Mostly those he's made in the U.S.M.C prisons, which are a good deal. Other enemies include [Redacted]

Final Will & Testament: [Redacted]

Former Career(If Any): [Redacted], U.S.M.C Marine (Lieutenant), [Redacted] U.S.M.C Marine (Special Forces)

Basic Skills: Personal concealment, intimidation tactics, basic awareness of his surroundings and survival tactics, and basic melee weapons (Knives, mostly)
Advanced Skills: Proficient with a wide variety of ranged weaponry; Pistol quick draws, grenade launcher arcs, target leading with a rifle. In his own words, 'If you want a package delivered I'll put it where it needs to be.'

Lacking Skills: The man can't cook worth a damn. He usually has someone else he trusts cook for him on the Retribution. He can make almost anything "edible" out in the wild, but it probably won't taste good. He also has little to no real people experience; he can lead an outfit, but relating to people in a non-militant fashion is difficult. Ultimately, anything 'civilian' is alien to him.

How/Why you were brought aboard the U.M.S.C Retribution Prison Barge: [Redacted]. What he has told his fellow inmates is that he was put away for dereliction of duty, which he claims was a B.S ruling and that if anyone else had survived they'd have said the same.

Background: [Redacted]