Application: Doctor Ironcast

Started by fordwell, 26-07-2014

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Name:Doctor Ironcast
Build (Height/Weight): Slim looking but hes a robot so he weighs about 300lbs


Distinguishing Marks: (Anything that stands out; scars, tattoos, birth marks, etc.)
Cybernetics/Replaced parts(If Any):
Physical Description: Clean polished and dark, Very plain but very clean.

Personality:Due to his programming this glitch believes himself to be a Doctor. Educated, smart, and often arrogant.
Character Traits:Explorer by heart, he generally means well.
Character Flaws:His curiosity WILL get the better of him and when it comes to the pursuit of science morals mean little.
Quirks: Wity and strangely eccentric.

Bloodline: (Any relevant/immediate family)None

Genetype: (Yes or no; This will effectively determine if your character is capable of obtaining a Genetype.) Yes? (what is this I am not sure?)



Final Will & Testament: All his work and his remains would be sent to the Glitch homeworld for the betterment of the universe. If at all possible he would be replicated so as to continue his research.

Former Career(If Any):He is a master surgeon.

Basic Skills:Exploration, General engineering skills, Basic Doctoring
Advanced Skills:Surgery on Glitch bodies and slightly less experiance with all others.

Lacking Skills:Diplomatic, Survival

How/Why you were brought aboard the U.M.S.C Retribution Prison Barge: While known for being unethical, Ironcast is one of the top medical professionals one can find these days despite his quirks.

Background: Lived for many years in a small Glitch village, performing medical work as needed until one day explorers started showing up wounded. Their bodies turned his basic work into a passion and so began his career as a traveling surgeon. On rare occasions he would do experiments on those he could not save. All for the name of science, and his skills grew. Recently he was caught experimenting on bodies in the morgue of a ship. When interrogated he explained it was a necessity for science.


Looks good, already spoke about the existing issues.