Alexander 'Archduke' Fornet

Started by shadowheart, 30-07-2014

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Name: Alexander 'Archduke' Fornet
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Build (Height/Weight): 5'11, 192lbs

Race: Caucasian
Skin: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Handedness: Right
Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo on his right arm of a crown, tattoo under his right eye with the number, 443-2
Cybernetics/Replaced parts(If Any): No
Physical Description: Coming in at an average height of five feet, eleven inches, Alexander is a fairly well-built, if not somewhat muscular. He is a white human male, with two tattoos. One under his right eye with the numbers, 443-2, and a crown on his right arm, both in black. While muscular, he is not 'Shit nigga, this fucker is muscular' but more of a, 'oh hey man, hes got some muscle on him'

Character Traits: Means well, Honest
Character Flaws: Bad with words, Somewhat forgetful, Honest, Bad Liar, Short Temper

Bloodline: Mother and Father, has not spoken/seen since 18.

Genetype: Nyet
Contacts/Friends: None currently

Enemies: None currently

Final Will & Testament: For his body to be burnt.

Former Career(If Any): Worked at a mining colony

Basic Skills: Reading, Writing... Gardening, Basic Cooking
Advanced Skills: Mining. Explosives.

Lacking Skills: Lying, Stealth

How/Why you were brought aboard the U.M.S.C Retribution Prison Barge: Attempted murder of the warden of the mines. The bastard lost two of his limbs though, and in that colony, healthcare is poor. He's probably got Tetanus by now.

Background: Growing up on a colony planet in a rich family, Alexander had a comfortable life. His parents paid for the best schools, and as such, Alexander obtained a good education up until after high school. Somewhere during elementary school, a crazed uncle proclaimed himself to be Archduke of the Colony. It started to be used in class to offend him, however Alexander accepted the 'title' and it eventually became a nickname used to identify him.

Despite his education, Alexander wanted to learn how to tend crops and to cook, in case something were to happen to him. Thus, he picked up basic cooking skills at home, and tended the family garden when it required attention. His parents tried to pressure him into obtaining a prestigious job like the rest of his family had, which in there mind was politics. Years of pressuring eventually led to him and his family getting into a massive argument, which culminated in Alexander leaving his home. Using some of his families money, he purchased a ride to a fringe mining colony at the age of 17.

During transit, he obtain a Crown tattoo in honor of his childhood nickname, Archduke. Upon arrival, he was processed, along with several other newcomers. They were assigned mines and rank. Alexander was assigned mine 443, rank 2, which was miner. After being processed, all who made it in were given a tattoo under their right eye stating their mine and position. Work in the mines was long and difficult, made worse by an abusive and corrupt warden. The warden had the colonial governor eating out of his hand through bribes. As such, most of the money that would have gone to new equipment for the mine, went to anyone the warden had in his little circle. For 9 grueling years he and many others put up with the system, before Alexander and a few others took it upon themselves to put an end to him. Using his experience in the mines, Alexander rigged up an explosive device that was sure to kill the warden...

When he was eventually transferred from local jail to the USMC ship, he only told the Marines his nickname, Archduke. Due to poor record keeping on the colony, that was all they had to go off of for him. (Playing around with this idea. Seems interesting...)

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Since you're working on this, I won't allow or deny the character just yet- bear in mind if it's not done by tomorrow you won't be able to get in on the launch event.


Worked on. Let me know if there's anything you have an issue with.

Returning Caphori member. Some of you may remember me as Alexander Fornet, or Kilin Goldbeard.


Looks good to me!

Once everything is back in full operation, Feo or myself will send you a PM with the server IP.


Alrighty! Thanks for reviewing it. Can't wait to play with y'all!
(Added a thing at the end involving his name and the USMC staff knows him as, and by extension, everyone else... Except maybe future friends.

Returning Caphori member. Some of you may remember me as Alexander Fornet, or Kilin Goldbeard.