Adam "Thunder" Vildon

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Name: Adam Vildon
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Build (Height/Weight): 6' 200lb

Race: Human
Skin: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Handedness: Right
Distinguishing Marks: Several scars across his chest and arms, minor scar on his left cheek about two inches in length going horizontally down towards his mouth
Cybernetics/Replaced parts(If Any): None
Physical Description: A tall man with a strong build, average length hair, he is toned in look and his size can be quite intimidating at times. His face makes him look older than he actually is.

Personality: Easy to anger, he has quite a temper when judged or told what to do by those that have no authority or command of him. Respect for the Armed forces he often goes out of his way to help those enlisted or ex-enlisted in need. He's not fond of rich people or those who look down on the Military as "Dumb men with guns"
Character Traits: Strong, Militaristic
Character Flaws: Not particularly smart, temper can often get him into trouble, speaks his mind even if he shouldn't
Quirks: None

Bloodline: N/A

Genetype: No

Contacts/Friends: Most of his friends are either missing or dead, he knows of none that are currently alive

Enemies: N/A

Final Will & Testament: N/A

Former Career(If Any): Private in the UKDF (United Kingdom Defence Force) Lance Corporal in the United Systems Colonial Marines

Basic Skills: Basic leadership skills. Basic training in the operation of vehicles such as mechs and armoured cars. Basic medical skills
Advanced Skills: Firearms training, close quarter combat.
Lacking Skills: Engineering, repairs, Maintenance of things other than his armour and weapons. Socialisation skills out of the military are lacking.

How/Why you were brought aboard the U.M.S.C Retribution Prison Barge: Disagreement with his superiors, failure to follow orders, the killing of three Floran soldiers

Background: Born on Earth he as abandoned outside an orphanage in the continent known as the United Kingdom at the time. Growing up he was often called a "Waste of space" "A nobody" he never succeeded in anything he tried and ended up being the one without any friends in the corner. He spent most of his time looking out of the window at a conveniently placed recruitment poster for the Military, he'd stare at the same words, the same pictures for hours and hours. Unsure of what to do with no one to speak to her quickly upon coming of age enlisted, no one even noticed he was missing when he walked out.

His basic training was hard and tricky for him, his build was average at best and with his temper and lacking of social skills he often found fitting in even there was an impossible task. He spent most of his spare time bettering himself, his body being pushed to its max to better accustom himself to military life. He managed to make one friend, a man with an average build just as he was at the start, Tristan Dunn. Tristan was similar to Adam in the way that he was not very social, they became friends when Tristan began speaking to Adam in the gym, asking for assistance and help in becoming like Adam in strength. Adam curious by the idea and with a topic he was quite informed in he agreed.

They soon began to spend time outside of the gym, they ate together, laughed, trained and worked together. They always had each others backs, and when the Beast crashed into Earth, he and Tristan having been fully trained were quickly deployed via airship to access the situation. When things went ugly he watched his best friend and countless others killed. His rage from the death of his friend was made apparent when it took four men to sedate and drag him away when the order to retreat was given. Waking up on a transport ship off of Earth he had nothing left.

As soon as he could he re-enlisted into what ever military force he could, that being the United System Colonial Marines. Adam went through the training easily due to past experiences but remained unsocial for a time before going into his element when he was promoted to Lance Corporal. His rank allowed him to be seen by the others and he soon began to talk with other Marines. His Squad was sent in to a world to deal with a distress beacon from a small colony. Upon landing at the planet the Colony was seen to have been destroyed by a meteor strike, Floran soldiers were spotted to be looting the area which resulted in a stand off between the two forces. A rookie from the Marines slipped in the mud whilst in the standoff and emptied a few rounds into the sky, the tense situation quickly become worse as the Floran thought they were firing at them. As soon as the Florans opened up and killed three of his squad mates, cover was gathered by both sides and quick negotiations were made due to the accident. Adam on the other hand was too angry to see reason in the matter and even when told to stand down he gunned down three of the Floran soldiers in quick succession with a few bursts of his Assault rifle. Having managed to kill three of the Florans the fight was re-ignited by his actions resulting in the deaths of all of his squad but the Corporal and the deaths of all the Floran soldiers.

He was immediately sent to prison aboard the U.M.S.C Retribution to do his time and was discharged from the U.S.M.C

SRP: Nicolai 'Thunder' Lagunov - Loner - Alive


Hey there! Good looking character, though I'll give you a couple notes;

Firstly, yes, Humans can have a Genetype. This is not something that is known by the character, so for all he knows humans can't have one; and he probably wouldn't even know what a Genetype was if he was asked, since it's a bit of an unknown in general. Basically saying 'Yes' or 'No' is you giving consent to eventually have such a thing unlocked in your character, or not being able to access anything like it at all- in exchange for some other benefits, in a sense, also to be later explored.

As for your backstory, while otherwise fine, the Meridian Sector is no-where near Earth. It's feasible to say that your character was deployed to the Meridian Sector before the U.S.M.C completely lost connection with Earth and the surrounding space, but it's something we need to expand on somewhat.

Otherwise looks just fine; your character and mine should get along pretty well, or absolutely despise one another.


On top of what Kaz said, your handedness is either left, right, or ambidextrous.

Once those are fixed I'd like to approve


Edited. On the travel period to the sector from Earth, I assumed given they would as you say have to go a long distance to get there. I was under the impression they would have some sort of statis/cryo technology to place people in suspended animation for the trip, with ships running automatically or on a skeleton crew taking turns in shifts to the destination.

SRP: Nicolai 'Thunder' Lagunov - Loner - Alive


That is reasonable, but there is still the matter that after Earth was lost, the U.S.M.C in Meridian was cut off from general communication and transit, since (Ala Starbound lore) Earth was sort of the focal point of all Human transit for the most part.

In any case, not nitpicking our anything- the story still works, and having your character travel in cryo makes it fit better since Earth's destruction would have technically been some time ago. So, perhaps immediately after Earth was lost, your character was on one of the few escaping ships bound for other U.S.M.C bases.