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(Fancy text cause I'm awesome like that)

Age: 23

A bit about Kyra:
She is very friendly, almost too much so. Don't let that fool you though, she can get mean if need be, and thankfully, she rarely has to.
She has some good skills with telling lies and speaking to people, but everyone has their limits.
Kyra is also a determined person, and once her mind is made up about something, it can be nearly impossible to change her outlook.
Promises are important to her, not the ones that others make her so much as the ones she makes to others. Breaking a promise Kyra made would be a rarity to see.
Friends are important to her also, and for her close friends she would do everything to protect them, even risk her life doing it.
Even though she would protect her friends at all costs, the poor girl has some pitiful skills with fighting and swordplay.

If you happen to see Kyra taking her regular walk in the nearby wilderness or in the town, wave a hand and say hello, she can be a very good ally for anyone.

Kyra's Story
((The dashed line indicates the break between what I made up and what has happened in Crussaria))

Kyra has been a wanderer since she left home, at age 10. While living at her home, she had no adventures due to her mother's constant worrying. Her mother was afraid of everything, and never left the homestead she lived on. Kyra had gotten sick of hearing the "What if's" of her mother's paranoia holding her stuck in the house. At age 10 she told her mother she was leaving, that she wasn't afraid of what could happen. As Kyra's journey led her further and further from home, she began to think of why she left, more than just tired of hearing her mom. She finally boiled it down to her not wanting to be like her mother, to overcome her fears, rather than run and hide from them. That is what drives Kyra to do some of the things she does.

-Kyra's first friend in Ravensdale was Alii 'Sky' Requiem, who showed her around the town, and even allowed Kyra to stay in her home. Kyra believes Sky is the reason she has settled into Ravensdale.
-Krya watched a few arena fights with Sky, then eventually fought alongside Sky, and Sky's friend Thether.
-Kyra eventually found a man named Niche'aya who told her a long story of a fight he and his friends had. Kyra thoroughly enjoyed the tale, and is now wanting to have adventure like his.
-Niche'aya's friends, Bec and Caelech, met with Kyra, and now she considers herself a part of their group, not sure if this is true or not.
-While out venturing with Niche, and a new acquaintance, the small group was encountered by a hostile orc. Kyra hid from the monster, later regretting what she did.
-Later that night, Kyra met with Bec and Caelech in the tavern. The topic of buying the building came up, and both her friends agreed that she should buy the tavern, and even lent her some crowns for the place.
-Early in the morning, Ravensdale became under siege by a small army, which Kyra tried her best to fight against with the help of 4 others. Kyra fought as best she could, but she wished she could help more than what she did. Bec then offered to train her in sword fighting.
-Kyra bought the tavern from Sir Rames, and immediatly began to try and run the place.
-Kyra's tavern had a small crowd, Bec and Caelech being part of the group, and a Knight-Priest ordered everyone except for one to leave. After a bit of arguing, Kyra left, only to go back in, following her friend into what could be a fight. Bec and his friend quickly rushed out of the tavern, who the knight followed, only to be stopped by Caelech, Kyra right behind him. The knight easily brushed the two aside, and continued.
-Kyra was talking to Aria and Bec in a cave, and when she left, Lord Rames had seen her. He was going to let her go back to the Tavern peacefully, but the Knight-Priest was there and accused her of helping a mage. She was tied and forced to go along with the hunting party. During the walk, Rames asked her where they were, which she lied and said she didn't know. She continued to say she didn't know, even as Rames put his sword against her neck. Right before she said what she knew, David told them the tombs. Whether that was true or not, Kyra never found out. A guard escorted her back to town, and she was free after being locked in the jail for a little while.
-Kyra volunteered to deliver a letter for the new Lord of Ravensdale. She took a horse and did just that, but wasn't expecting the same Knight-Priest she had encountered twice before to be there. A simple delivery became a life-threatening interogation. Kyra had tried to keep her promises to her friends, but she told them everything she knew about Aria and Aria's friends. Even after that though, Kyra kept hidden Sky's secret, and she did up until the very end when she cracked and burst into tears. She told them Sky's and Thether's secret, feeling horrible for betraying all of her friends like that.
-The knight-Priests have finally left, leaving her alone for now. She isn't sure if they finally figured out she had nothing else to tell them, or if they had grown bored.
-Ravensdale began to grow boring for Kyra, so she left a man in charge of the tavern and she ventured out to a bigger town, Stormhelm. It wasn't long before her old habit caught up to her, and she placed some money on the building, officially buying the tavern in Stormhelm as well.
-As Kyra was running the tavern like always, she began to hear something, a voice, her friend's voice. Krya easily recognized it was Sky, and she followed the voice upstairs. That was when she figured out that her best friend had been murdered. Aria later confessed, she had been the one to kill Sky.
-Kyra was an emotional mess, not sure what to do. She doesn't want to hurt any of her friends, yet her close friend had just killed Sky. She knows she can't kill Aria, Aria is too strong, but forgiving her for what she had just done will be nearly impossible.
-The girl finally made up her mind about what to do, and she went out to look for Aria. Kyra couldn't possibly allow Aria to kill her best friend for no reason. She walked a ways from the town, out in the wilderness looking for her. Kyra found Aria, and there was a small talk before Kyra had pulled her crossbow out, pointing it at Aria. Just before she pulled the lever to shoot, Kyra burst into tears, not able to do it. Aria had murdered her friend, but Kyra just couldn't possibly hurt someone who has helped her as much as she has.

((I'll add more as it happens. If someone reads something in here that pertains to one of their characters and they do not want it shown or want it changed, please PM me and I will make the changes ASAP))


Intresting, upto you but you should add infomation such as age (Blah blah)
Apart from that I've personally enjoyed roleplaying by your side in the server while you've been on this character.


Why, thank you! I apreciate you saying something, cause I never really know if I'm a good RPer or not and I dont really like asking.

Oh, And about the age, I hadn't thought about it until I read your comment. I added a bit to it, up at the top. Will add more as I think of it.


It is nice to see someone who isn't trying to be an utter hardass at all times and is actually a nice person to be with
Good job.


Thank you too! I don't think I have ever made a OP character before... Wait, no, I did once, but I got sick of him really quick. The main fun for me in roleplay is developing the charater, not starting out with this huge backstory explaining how I'm so powerful, but more starting with a simple explanation on how I came to the place of the RP, and then grow from that, be it in strength, money, or nothing at all.


Having a OP char can be boring, think with my character though was that he developed into that through a event.  Either way its boring to continuosly play a character like that. (Ignore spelling mistakes, I am being fast here.)


I want to make another character in case, well, the worst happens to Kyra. ((AKA, PK))
I am just wondering what would be needed/wanted around the town. Also, I can make a character to compliment another character if someone would like that. I can come up with the backstory, personality, and looks, but the skills is what I'm having trouble with, I want something different, not like 'A blacksmith that practices with his weapons'. Any help at all will be appreciated.


Trader, I am the only active trader so far. I think you show try and become a trader, I would be happy to give you my Rec.


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Isn't Kyra already trader?

Eh... It's debateable. She has the trader flags, but running a tavern means only selling food and drink (Not to mention the only drink I sell is vodka, which I always get questioned about...) Soo, she is a trader, but only a food vendor.


This needs updating. :)


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This needs updating. :)
Not anymore. Sorry, got a little distracted with constantly watching CRP's population... I hate being addicted to things this much, but I love how I'm addicted to something so great.  ;D