Tempted to Attempt a Revive.

Started by Bucky, 05-02-2011

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So today I was surfin' BattleGrounds 2 2.0 and you'll never guess who I ran into, I ran into Twist, Octavious, and Ashley, we remembered more innocent times from HGN BG and it kinda made me want to bring this back. I honestly don't know if we can or want to bring it back but it was just an idea.

Constructive Criticism Allowed.


Twist was the reason BG ended in the first place, bro. Should know better.

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I could help if needed

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BG will only come back if i find dedicated admins to run it. That's basically all there is too it.

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60 days ago... Oh well ill give this a chance, I would be willing to help and i can also get alot of old HGN BG members to help out. Now that "BRC" has pretty much died there should be some helping hands.