Battle Grounds 2 ideas for a map

Started by Pure, 02-08-2009

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I want to make new maps for HGN to play on. I prefer to make a Battle Grounds 2 map but i can make CSS maps as well. So if u have any ideas for a cool map to make message me back. i will do linebattle maps or skirmash whichever your idea fits better so plz reply and dont hold back.


How about a castle that teams take turns defending


I love how you and me and the only freaking people in the BG boards wellington.


Just make a giant landscape, and make it look good. 2 maybe 3 hills, a lake, a village.

Metal Mushroom

You should have a map with two cannons on two hills that are located on the corners of the maps. Between the hills there should be a valley and on each side of the valley the teams spawn.


Pure, sing me a song !!!!
What's up everyone?  I like the castle idea and change teams that are defending it.

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Physics are great, light travels faster than sound. This is why people appear bright until they begin to speak !!


I would like a big town with ladders going up to the roof and there would be boards or something to go to other rooftops! Ahh it would be just like my dream  ::)