S.T.A.L.K.E.R Role-Play status update!

Started by Tom, 27-01-2013

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You've been waiting and it will finally be here. . .


For months we've been waiting in anticipation for the re-opening of our SRP server, gentlemen, Next Friday SRP will be going into open alpha (so expect some bugs). What the new and improved SRP will have many new and different features from the last launch of SRP.

Such as. . .

-An entirely new script, where as Nexus had stats and other RPG type features our new script which is "forked" from Vain which means it won't have so many RPG elements but does have features like Nexus had and will instead that focus on survival type features, such as hunger, tiredness, thirst, pain and the like. Being hungry won't kill you but it will be a pain in the ass if you don't tend to it

-Firearms behave differently from how they did before, where as before they behaved kinda like Gmod/HL2 firearms, they now behave like actual firearms, with bullet drop and such. Scopes also got reworked so that they are new and unique.

-Raising and lowering your weapon is now command based instead of holding R down. (The command is rp_toggleholster)

-We're also doing up a program up that eliminates the need for a SVN program and is simpler to use.

-We've got a new suit system as well.

-Stashes are also apparently randomly spawned and dynamic along with other things.

-We also plan on adding more content after we fix most the bugs and features.

Until next time. . .
See you later fellow STALKER.
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Oh boy.
Strap yourselves in, it's time for the great 'obligatory' SRP resurrection of 2013/14/15/16/22

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HGN Content Installer

We have a HGN Content downloader that will work with our svns and install the content automatically without any hassle, installations or requirements for an external svn. This project is being worked on by Zombiedance and we are looking to get it to auto-detect your addons folder so it won't be long until it's 3 clicks and you have the content downloading directly to you.


Download Program from HGN.
Place somewhere safe for future use or run directly if your lazy.
Choose your svn.
Hit Begin.
Let it download\update.
Done. You have the content.

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Been waitin' a long ass time for this. I'm very excited.


Well about fuckin' time.
Good work!

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Promising Young admins.

Steven :D



*Jumps and cheers outside zone fencing with his bolt cutters waiting for Friday*
So many Rp ideas, So many stalker to yell get out of here too. Ah its comforting.
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Steven :D


Why do they get red names!

On a serious note, can't wait to hop on and check it out. But I will always stick to my roots of the caphori.


It shall be fun to see the improvements