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Started by Silver Knight, 16-08-2014

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Silver Knight

There will be some downtime tomorrow, HyperGaming network and other sites are moving over to my company's webhosting business, so this means for some time these forums will be inaccessible tomorrow and potentially part of monday (Domain transfers are not always instant) This also goes for other websites that i own such as GameKnightly.

In other news HyperGaming Network will be expanding, in the next few weeks to have a file-hosting\game modding section that will support various games including Garrysmod, warcraft 3, dota 2 etc. This will have a dedicated file system and will not effect the forums, i am also looking into sub-domains for sections of the forums to provide sub-domains for our gameservers and the approach of unity (the hgn forums) while not trying to show too much data at once (Less clutter)

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Quote from: SilverKnight on 16-08-2014
file-hosting section that will support various games including Garrysmod

so you want hgn to be v2? lol im afraid we're about 10 years late with that, and workshop in combination with FP is ultimately better by a just a meager million percent

we really don't have anything to offer to modders nor do we have any good modders to begin with. it would make sense if we focused on a single game (preferably a new release) and we ourselves were actually modding and making tutorials and shit.
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Silver Knight

Server Maintenance complete, report here if you have any issues.

Quotebreslau: if i cant cheat i dont wanna play
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Those new forums look much better.